Excellence in Research and Innovation for Humanity

Dubai UAE Dec 23-24, 2015, 17 (12) Part XX

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3D-Domain Aerosol Quantity Evaluation with Unmanned Aerial VehiclesD. Robert, B. Caillard, F. Derue, S. Mure d’Alexis, L. M. Sejeau 3791
A Clinico-Bacteriological Study and Their Risk Factors for Diabetic Foot Ulcer with Multidrug-Resistant Microorganisms in Eastern IndiaPampita Chakraborty, Sukumar Mukherjee 3253
A Comparative Study of Language Used in English Newspaper Dailies of Mumbai in Addressing Disability Related IssuesAmrin Moger, Martin Mathew, Sagar Bhalerao 3784
A New Computational Method for the Solution of Nonlinear Burgers' Equation Arising in Longitudinal Dispersion Phenomena in Fluid Flow through Porous MediaOlayiwola Moruf Oyedunsi 3931
A New Conjugate Gradient Method with Guaranteed DescentB. Sellami, M. Belloufi 3860
A New Mathematical Model of Universe Containing Dark EnergyHassan Amirhashchi 3731
A Pilot Study on Integration of Simulation in the Nursing Educational Program: Hybrid SimulationVesile Unver, Tulay Basak, Hatice Ayhan, Ilknur Cinar, Emine Iyigun, Nuran Tosun 3303
A Politico-Legal Approach to Survive Disasters, Give Victims a Legal Right to CompensationHimanshu Shekhar Mishra 3538
A Review on Application of Waste Tire in ConcreteM. A. Yazdi, J. Yang, L. Yihui, H. Su 3888
A Study of Key Technologies for the Realization of Smart Grid and Its Research Situation in Pakistan and AbroadArjmand Khaliq, Pemra Sohaib 3831
A Supervised Learning Data Mining Approach for Object Recognition and Classification in High Resolution Satellite DataMais Nijim, Rama Devi Chennuboyina, Waseem Al Aqqad 3428
A Survey of Types and Causes of Medication Errors and Related Factors in Clinical NursesKouorsh Zarea, Fatemeh Hassani, Samira Beiranvand, Akram Mohamadi 3749
A Survey on Quasi-Likelihood Estimation Approaches for Longitudinal Set-upsNaushad Mamode Khan 3433
Absorbed Dose Estimation of 153sm-Bpamd for Potential Bone Pain PalliationH. Yousefnia, S. Zolghadri, M. Naderi 3563
Accurate Cortical Reconstruction in Narrow Sulci with Zero-Non-Zero Distance (ZNZD) Vector Field Somojit Saha, Rohit K. Chatterjee, Sarit K. Das, Avijit Kar 3220
Adsoption Tests of Two Industrial Dyes by Hydroxyds of MetalsR. Berrached, H. Ait Mahamed, A. Iddou 3565
Alteration of Placental Development and Vascular Dysfunction in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Has Impact on Maternal and Infant HealthSadia Munir 3310
An Ab Initio Molecular Orbital Theory and Density Functional Theory Study of Fluorous 1,3-Dion Compounds S. Ghammamy, M. Mirzaabdollahiha 3526
An Analysis of the Relation between Nursing Students' Clinical Stress and Self-Confidence Levels in School of HealthEmine Gerçek, Sultan Özkan, Rahşan Çevik Akyıl 3263
An Assessment of the Risk and Protective Factors Impacting Criminal Gang Involvement among At-Risk Boys Resident at a Juvenile Home in Trinidad and Tobago: The Peer/Individual Domain of the Risk Factor Prevention ParadIGM Dianne Williams 3644
Analysis of Radiation-Induced Liver Disease (RILD) and Evaluation of Relationship between Therapeutic Activity and Liver Clearance Rate with Tc-99m-Mebrofenin in Yttrium-90 Microspheres TreatmentH. Tanyildizi, M. Abuqebitah, I. Cavdar, M. Demir, L. Kabasakal 3554
Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Lavandula antineae Maire from AlgeriaSoumeya Krimat, Tahar Dob, Aicha Kesouri, Ahmed Nouasri, Hafidha Metidji 3730
Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Effects of Methanol Extract of Rhizophora racemosa Leaf in Albino RatsAngalabiri-Owei E. Bekekeme, Brambaifa Nelson 3757
Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Cancer Activity of Helix aspersa Aqueous Extract Ibtissem El Ouar, Cornelia Braicu, Dalila Naimi, Alexendru Irimie, Ioana Berindan-Neagoe 3235
Application of Hydrological Model in Support of Streamflow Allocation in Arid Watersheds in Northwestern ChinaChansheng He, Lanhui Zhang, Baoqing Zhang 3481
Assessment of Ground Water Potential Zone: A Case Study of Paramakudi Taluk, Ramanathapuram, Tamilnadu, IndiaShri Devi 3687
Assessment of Solid Waste Management in General Mohammed Inuwa Wushishi Housing Estate, Minna, Niger State, NigeriaGarba Inuwa Kuta, Mohammed, Adamu, Mohammed Ahmed Emigilati, Ibrahim Ishiaku, Kudu Dangana 3448
Attitude and Practice of Family Physicians in Giving Smoking Cessation Advice at King Abdul-Aziz Medical City for National Guard, RiyadhMohammed Alateeq, Abdulaziz Alrshoud 3827
Attitude of Staff Nurses on Nursing Research and Its UtilizationY. N. Shashidhara, B. S. Shakuntala 3299
Awareness and Attitudes of Turkish Nursing Students toward Research and Development in NursingEmine Gerçek, Algın Okursoy, Nursel Alp Dal 3297
Awareness and Utilization of School Health Services among Students of Isa Kaita College of Education Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State, NigeriaAbubakar Tukur Muduru 3894
Bacteremia Caused by Nontoxigenic Vibrio cholerae in an Immunocompromised Patient in Istanbul, TurkeyFatma Koksal Çakirlar, Si̇nem Ozdemir, Selcan Akyol, Revazi̇ye Gulesen, Murat Gunaydin, Nevri̇ye Gonullu, Belkis Levent, Nuri̇ Kiraz 3255
Bacterial Flora of the Anopheles Fluviatilis S. L. in an Endemic Malaria Area in Southeastern Iran for Candidate Paraterasgenesis StrainsSeyed Hassan Moosa-kazemi, Jalal Mohammadi Soleimani, Hassan Vatandoost, Mohammad Hassan Shirazi, Sara Hajikhani, Roonak Bakhtiari, Morteza Akbari, Siamak Hydarzadeh 3753
Barriers of the Development and Implementation of Health Information Systems in IranAbbas Sheikhtaheri, Nasim Hashemi 3658
Batch Kinetic, Isotherm and Thermodynamic Studies of Copper (II) Removal from Wastewater Using HDL as AdsorbentNadjet Taoualit, Zoubida Chemat, Djamel-Eddine Hadj-Boussaad 3391
Biological Assessment of 177LU-Bpamd as a New Bone Pain Palliative AgentS. Zolghadri, H. Yousefnia 3564
Bone Marrow Dosimetry and Lesion Absorbed Dose Determination in Distal Metastatic Differentiated Thyroid CancerM. Abuqebitah, H. Tanyildizi, I. Cavdar, M. Demir, L. Kabasakal 3552
BOX Effect Sensitivity to Fin Width in SOI-Multi-FinFETsA. N. Moulai Khatir 3568
Brucella Myositis: A Rare Presentation Even In Brucella Endemic RegionsFatimah AlShahrani, Ghalia Abdulkader, Yara AlSAif, Layan Akkeilah 3271
Budgetary Performance Model for Managing Pavement MaintenanceVivek Hokam, Vishrut Landge 3887
Carbon Nanocomposites: Structure, Characterization and Application EnvironmentalBensacia Nabila, Hadj-Ziane Amel, Sefah Karima 3393
Carbon/Polyamide 6,6 (C/PA66) Composite Material: Performance Characteristics in Dry and Wet ConditionsTariq Bashir, M. Waseem Tahir, Ulf Stigh, Sunil Kumar Ramamoorthy, Mikael Skrifvars 3842
Carrot: A Possible Source of Multidrug-Resistant Acinetobacter TransmissionM. Dahiru, O. I. Enabulele 3443
CFD Investigation of Turbulent Mixed Convection Heat Transfer in a Closed Lid-Driven CavityA. Khaleel, S. Gao 3508
Characterization and Modification of the Optical Properties of Zirconia Ceramics for Aesthetic Dental RestorationsR. A. Shahmiri, O. Standard, J. Hart, C. C. Sorrell 3763
Characterization and the Study of Energy Potential of Municipal Solid Waste Disposed in Bauchi Town and EnvironsAliyu Mohammed Lawal, Dahiru Yau Gital 3716
Characterization of Fateh Sagar Wetland and Its Catchment Area at Udaipur City, (Raj.) India, Using High Resolution DataParul Bhalla, Sarvesh Palria 3657
Children Venous Catheterization’s Experience of Mother: A Qualitative Content AnalysisLida Nikfarid, Nazila Khalilzadeh, Leila Abdolkhaleghi 3813
Chronic Hypertension, Aquaporin and Hydraulic Conductivity: A Perspective on Pathological ConnectionsChirag Raval, Jimmy Toussaint, Tieuvi Nguyen, Hadi Fadaifard, George Wolberg, Steven Quarfordt, Kung-ming Jan, David S. Rumschitzki 3283
Clinicopathological and Immunohistochemical Study of Ovarian Sex Cord-Stromal Tumors and Their Histological MimicsGhada Esheba, Ebtisam Aljerayan, Afnan Al-Ghamdi, Atheer Alsharif, Hanan alzahrani 3816
Collocation Assessment between GEO and GSO SatellitesA. E. Emam, M. Abd Elghany 3368
Comparative Analysis of Oil Extracts from Cotton and Watermelon SeedsS. A. Jumare, A. O. Tijani, M. F. Siraj, B. V. Babatunde 3546
Comparison of Support Vector Machines and Artificial Neural Network Classifiers in Characterizing Threatened Tree Species Using Eight Bands of WorldView-2 Imagery in Dukuduku Landscape, South AfricaGalal Omer, Onisimo Mutanga, Elfatih M. Abdel-Rahman, Elhadi Adam 3616
Comparison Physicochemical Properties of Hexane Extracted Aniseed Oil from Cold Press Extraction Residue and Cold Press Aniseed OilDerya Ören, Şeyma Akalın 3240
Conceptual Design of a Wi-Fi and GPS Based Robotic Library Using an Intelligent SystemM. S. Sreejith, Steffy Joy, Abhishesh Pal, Beom-Sahng Ryuh, V. R.Sanal Kumar 3356
Critical Analysis of the Various Digital Image Fusion Algorithms for Visual Sensor NetworksArun Begill, Sankalap Arora 3539
Current Status of Mosquitoes Vector Research and Control in IranSeyed Hassan Moosa-kazemi, Hassan Vatandoost 3751
DC-to-DC Converters for Low-Voltage High-Power Renewable Energy SystemsAbdar Ali, Rizwan Ullah, Zahid Ullah 3422
Deciphering the Genetic Architecture of Type 2 Diabetes through SNP-SNP InteractionAsima Zia, Attya Bhatti, Amjad Ali, Peter John 3675
Detecting Potential Biomarkers for Ulcerative Colitis Using Hybrid Feature SelectionMustafa Alshawaqfeh, Bilal Wajidy, Echin Serpedin, Jan Suchodolski 3249
Determines of Professional Competencies among Newly Registered Nurses in Teaching Hospital in Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaRana Alkattan 3632
Development of Extemporaneous Pediatric Syrup of PrednisoneAmel Chenafa, Sihem Boulenouar, Linda Aoued, Imane Sediri, Ismahan Djebbar, Mohamed Adil Selka 3236
Development of Open Source Geospatial Certification Model Based on Geospatial Technology Competency ModelTanzeel Ur Rehman Khan, Franz Josef Behr, Phillip Davis 3617
Differential Diagnosis of Malaria and Dengue Fever on the Basis of Clinical Findings and Laboratory InvestigationsAman Ullah Khan, Muhammad Younus, Aqil Ijaz, Muti-Ur-Rehman Khan, Sayyed Aun Muhammad, Asif Idrees, Sanan Raza, Amar Nasir 3256
Effect of 10 Weeks of Aerobic Exercise Training on Serum Concentrations of Surfactant Protein D and Insulin Resistance in Women with Type 2 Diabetes Sajjad Rezaei, Mahdieh Molanouri Shamsi, Azadeh Jamali 3705
Effect of Hemicellulase on Extraction of Essential Oil from Algerian Artemisia campestris Khalida Boutemak, Nasssima Benali, Nadji Moulai-Mostefa 3383
Effects of EMS on Foot Drop Associated with Grade III Wound: A Case ReportMirza Obaid Baig, MaimoonaYaqub 3819
Elaboration and Characterization of PVDF/TiO2 NanocompositesF. Z. Benabid, S. Kridi, F. Zouai, D. Benachour 3637
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Methods That Increase the Knowledge of Youths about the Sexually Transmitted DiseasesGonul Kurt, Semra Aciksoz 3304
Evaluation of the Sterilization Practice in Liberal Dental Surgeons at Sidi Bel Abbes- AlgeriaA. Chenafa, S. Boulenouar, M. Zitouni, M. Boukouria 3599
Excessive Recruitment of Neutrophils and Elastase Release in Emphysema and COPD; Effect of Natural Protease InhibitorsRachid Kacem 3610
Existing Cardiovascular Risk among Children Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus at the Emergency ClinicMasuma Novak, Daniel Novak 3639
Experienced Chronic Sorrow in Mothers of Children with Cancer: A Phenomenological StudyNikfarid Lida, Maryam Rassouli, Leili Borimnejad, Hamid Alavi Majd 3778
Experimental Investigation to Find Transition Temperature of VG 30 BinderD. Latha, V. Sunitha, Samson Mathew 3520
Experimental Study of Chlorophenol Elimination by Adsorption on Chemically Activated Wood SawdustS. Zerman, A. H. Meniai 3558
Exploring MPI-Based Parallel Computing in Analyzing Very Large SequencesBilal Wajid, Erchin Serpedin 3823
Factors Affecting Attitudes toward Seeking Formal Mental Health Services among Attendance of Primary Health Care Centers in JordanNahla Al Ali, Mohammad Khalil 3285
Factors Affecting Time Performance in Building Construction ProjectsIbraheem A. K. Mahameed 3729
Factors Leading to Teenage Pregnancy in the Selected Villages of Mopani District, in Limpopo ProvinceZ. N. Salim, R. T. Lebese, M. S. Maputle 3302
Femoral Neck Anteversion and Neck-Shaft Angles: Determination and Their Clinical Implications in Fetuses of Different Gestational AgesVrinda Hari Ankolekar, Anne D. Souza, Mamatha Hosapatna 3627
Femoropatellar Groove: An Anatomical StudyMamatha Hosapatna, Anne D. Souza, Vrinda Hari Ankolekar, Antony Sylvan D. Souza 3626
Finite Element Assessment on Bond Behaviour of FRP-to-Concrete Joints under Cyclic LoadingF. Atheer, Al-Saoudi, Robin Kalfat, Riadh Al-Mahaidi 3514
Finite Element Modeling of the Mechanical Behavior of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Bottom Ash with the Mohr-Coulomb ModelLe Ngoc Hung, Abriak Nor Edine, Binetruy Christophe, Benzerzour Mahfoud, Shahrour Isam, Patrice Rivard 3487
First Principle Calculations of the Structural and Optoelectronic Properties of Cubic Perovskite CsSrF3Meriem Harmel, Houari Khachai 3555
Flexural Toughness of Fiber Reinforced Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC)S. Yousefi Oderji, B. Chen 3499
Forensic Applications of Quantum DotsSamaneh Nabavifard, Hadi Shirzad, Maryam Shanehsaz, Somayeh Khanjani, Shirin Jalili 3707
Formulation of Vitamins Coating Solutions: Study of Rheology BehaviorD. Abid, A. Guettar, A. Toubane, A. Bouda, K. Daoud 3387
FPGA Based IIR Filter Design Using MAC AlgorithmRajesh Mehra, Bharti Thakur 3417
Gel–Based Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (GACI) in the Knee: Multicentric Short Term StudyShaival Dalal, Nilesh Shah, Dinshaw Pardiwala, David Rajan, Satyen Sanghavi, Charul Bhanji 3276
Global Convergence of a Modified Three-Term Conjugate Gradient AlgorithmsBelloufi Mohammed, Sellami Badreddine 3858
Hepatitis E among Pregnant Women in Urmia, IranZakieh Rostamzadeh Khameneh, Nariman Sepehrvand, Khalkhali-Zahra Shirmohamadi 3527
Hidden Truths of Advertising: An Unspoken Fact in Making Ethical DiffusionsMustafa Hyder, Shamaila Burney, Roohi Mumtaz 3619
Hsa-miR-326 Functions as a Tumor Suppressor in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer through Targeting CCND1Cheng-Cao Sun, Shu-Jun Li, Cuili Yang, Yongyong Xi, Liang Wang, Feng Zhang, De-Jia Li 3841
Human Absorbed Dose Assessment of 68Ga-Dotatoc Based on Biodistribution Data in Syrian RatsS. Zolghadri, M. Naderi, H. Yousefnia, A. Ramazani, A. R. Jalilian 3562
Hysteresis Behavior and Microstructure in Nanostructured Alloys Cu-Fe and Cu-Fe-CoLaslouni Warda, M. Azzaz 3411
Immunohistochemical Expression of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor in Adamantinomatous CraniopharyngiomaGhada Esheba, Fatimah Alturkistani, Arwa Obaid, Ahdab Bashehab 3267
Improving 99mTc-Tetrofosmin Myocardial Perfusion Images by Time Subtraction TechniqueYasuyuki Takahashi, Hayato Ishimura, Masao Miyagawa, Teruhito Mochizuki 3231
In vivo Antiplatelet Activity Test of Wet Extract of Mimusops elengi L.'s Leaves on DDY Strain Mice as an Effort to Treat AtherosclerosisDewi Tristantini, Jason Jonathan 3762
Influence of Confinement on Phase Behavior in Unconventional Gas Condensate ReservoirsSzymon Kuczynski 3525
Influence of Spirituality on Health Outcomes and General Well-Being in Patients with End-Stage Renal DiseaseAli A Alshraifeen, Josie Evans, Kathleen Stoddart 3748
Influence of the Low Frequency Ultrasound on the Cadmium (II) Biosorption by a New Biocomposite (Extraction Solid Waste of Ammi visnaga / Calcium Alginate): Kinetic ModelingL. Nouri Taiba, Y. Bouhamidi, F. Kaouah, Z. Bendjama, M. Trari 3466
Innovative Screening Tool Based on Physical Properties of BloodBasant Singh Sikarwar, Mukesh Roy, Ayush Goyal, Priya Ranjan 3666
Integrating Sustainable Construction Principles into Curriculum Design for Built Environment Professional Programs in NigeriaM. Yakubu, M. B. Isah, S. Bako 3665
Integration of Smart Grid Technologies with Smart Phones for Energy Monitoring and ManagementArjmand Khaliq, Pemra Sohaib 3822
Interaction between River and City MorphologyEhsan Abshirini 3706
International Conference on Islam and Democracy – Religion and Political Stability in Indonesia Mariel Encar H. Uy, Paula Marie G. Pacle 3754
Introducing a Proper Total Quality Management Model for LibrariesAlireza Shahraki, Kaveh Keshmiry Zadeh 3756
Introduction to Various Innovative Techniques Suggested for Seismic Hazard AssessmentDeepshikha Shukla, C. H. Solanki, Mayank K. Desai 3628
Investigating the Difference in Stability of Various Isomeric Hydrogen Bonded DimersMohamed Ayoub 3710
Investigation of Compliance of the Prevailing Import Murabah'a to ShariaAqeel Akhtar 3774
Is “Islamophobia” an adequate term? Does it occur in liberal democracies? Ethnicity, Multiculturalism and the Nation State Islam and Democracy Erin Tumulty 3786
Kinetics of Inhibition of Xanthine Oxidase by Lycium arabicum and its Protective Effect against Oxonate-Induced Hyperuricemia and Renal Dysfunction in MiceNaouel Boussoualim, Hayat Trabsa, Imane Krache, Abderrahmane Baghiani, Seddik Khennouf, Noureddine Charef, Lekhmici Arrar 3733
Learning the C-A-Bs: Resuscitation Training at Rwanda Military HospitalKathryn Norgang, Sarah Howrath, Auni Idi Muhire, Pacifique Umubyeyi 3300
Magnitude and Outcome of Resuscitation Activities at Rwanda Military Hospital for the Period of April 2013-September 2013Auni Idi Muhire 3301
Management of Therapeutic Anticancer at Oran Teaching Hospital, AlgeriaS. Boulenouar, M. Sefir, M. Benahmed 3238
Mapping Intersections of Politics and InformationSamuel Muwanguzi, Maurice B. Wheeler 3843
Measured versus Default Interstate Traffic Data in New Mexico, USAM. A. Hasan, M. R. Islam, R. A. Tarefder 3312
Measuring the Resilience of e-Governments Using an OntologyOnyekachi Onwudike, Russell Lock, Iain Phillips 3631
Mechanical Responses to Hip Versus Knee Induced Muscle Fatigue in Patellofemoral Pain SyndromeEman Ahmed Ahmed, Ghada Abdelmoneim Mohamed, Hamada Ahmed Hamada, Nagui Sobhi Nassif 3284
Medical Image Compression by Region of Interest Based on DT-CWT Using Run-length Coding and Huffman CodingAli Seddiki, Mohamed Djebbouri, Driss Guerchi 3770
Mining Multicity Urban Data for Sustainable Population RelocationXu Du, Aparna S. Varde 3396
Modelling Retirement Outcomes: An Australian Case StudyColin O’Hare, Zili Zho, Thomas Sneddon 3802
Modified Lot Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS) Model for Quality Assessment of Malaria Parasite Microscopy and Rapid Diagnostic Tests in Kano, NigeriaF. Sarkinfada, Dabo N. Tukur, Abbas A. Muaz, Adamu A. Yahuza 3437
Molecular Detection of E. coli in Treated Wastewater and Well Water Samples Collected from Al Riyadh Governorate, Saudi ArabiaHanouf A. S. Al Nuwaysir, Nadine Moubayed, Abir Ben Bacha, Islem Abid 3447
Multiple Fusion Based Single Image DehazingJoe Amalraj, M. Arunkumar 3737
Multscale Models for Citrus Black Spot Transmission DynamicsNqobile Muleya, Winston Garira 3898
Neighborhood Linking Social Capital as a Predictor of Drug Abuse: A Swedish National Cohort StudyX. Li, J. Sundquist, C. Sjöstedt, M. Winkleby, K. S. Kendler, K. Sundquist 3551
Novel Adaptive Radial Basis Function Neural Networks Based Approach for Short-Term Load Forecasting of Jordanian Power Grid Eyad Almaita 3797
Numerical Analysis of End Plate Bolted Connection with Corrugated BeamM. A. Sadeghian, J. Yang, Q. F. Liu 3503
Officinal Quality Assurance: Investigation near the Pharmacists Dispensary at Oran- AlgeriaS. Boulenouar, A. Boukli Hacene, S. Brahmi 3237
Optimization of Chitosan Membrane Production Parameters for Zinc Ion AdsorptionPeter O. Osifo, Hein W. J. P. Neomagus, Hein V. D. Merwe 3378
Parametric Study of Ball and Socket Joint for Bio-Mimicking ExoskeletonMukesh Roy, Basant Singh Sikarwar, Ravi Prakash, Priya Ranjan, Ayush Goyal 3704
Perceived Parenting Styles and Body Dissatisfaction among WomenTazvin Ijaz, Aisha Shahid Sheikh 3629
Perceived Structural Empowerment and Work Commitment among Intensive Care nurses in SMCRidha Abdulla Al Hammam 3709
Performance Assessment of GSO Satellites before and after Enhancing the Pointing EffectAmr Emam, Joseph Victor, Mohamed Abd Elghany 3361
Phytochemial Screening, Anti-Microbial and Minerals Determination of Brysocarpus coccineus rootI. L. Ibrahim, A. Mann, A. Ndanaimi, Y. Y. Bello 3764
Place of The Auto Anti Nucleosome Antibodies in the SLE Diagnostic and Follow at the CHU of Blida (Algeria): about 82 CasesY. Bouchedoub. K. Benrokia, N. Taoualit, A. Meghlaoui 3857
Polyphenols Content and Antioxidant Activity of Extracts from Peganum harmala SeedsRachid Kacem, Sara Talbi, Yasmina Hemissi, Sofia Bouguattoucha 3600
Pragmatic Survey of Precedence as Linguistic 'Déjà Vu' in Political Text and TalkZarine Avetisyan 3630
Preclinical Studying of Stable Fe-Citrate Effect on 68Ga-Citrate Tissue DistributionA. S. Lunev, A. A. Larenkov, O. E. Klementyeva, G. E. Kodina 3636
Predicting Stem Borer Density in Maize Using RapidEye Data and Generalized Linear ModelsElfatih M. Abdel-Rahman, Tobias Landmann, Richard Kyalo, George Ong’amo, Bruno Le Ru 3633
Preparation and Quality Control of a Novel Radiolabeled Complex of 166ho for the Treatment of Somatostatin Receptor Expressing TumoursH. Yousefnia, A. Golabi Dezfuli, S. Zolghadri, M. Hosntalab 3566
Pretherapy Initial Dosimetry Results in Prostat Cancer Radionuclide Therapy with Lu-177-PSMA-DOTA-617M. Abuqebitah, H. Tanyildizi, N. Yeyin, I. Cavdar, M. Demir, L. Kabasakal 3553
Prevalence and Correlates of Anemia in Adolescents in Riyadh City, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaAljohara M. Alquaiz, Tawfik A. M. Khoja, Abdullah Alsharif, Ambreen Kazi, Ashry Gad Mohamed, Hamad Al Mane, Abdullah Aldiris, Shaffi Ahamed Shaikh 3742
Principles of Sustainable and Affordable Housing Policy for Afghan Refugees Returning to AfghanistanMohammad Saraj Sharifzai, Keisuke Kitagawa, Mohammad Kamil Halimee, Javid Habib, Daishi Sakaguchi 3325
Problems of Interactive Multimedia Systems Implementation in Museum Expositions: Risks and SolutionsArthur Nabiullin, Albert Shakirov 3832
Process Evaluation of the Community-Based Health Promotion Programs of the up College of Nursing in the Urban Communities in the City of ManilaErwin William A. Leyva 3598
Production Scheduling by Using Insect Behavior in Wheat FarmsAli Mohammadi bolban Abad, Fariborz Ahmadi 3838
Promoting the Contructor's Reputation in the Nigerian Construction IndustryAbdulkadir Adamu Shehu 3688
Protecting Physicochemical Properties of Black Cumin Seed (Nigella sativa) Oil and Developing Value Added ProductsZeliha Ustun 3239
Providencia Rettgeri Proper Candidate for Paratransgenesis and Control of the Anopheles Fluviatilis S.l., the Vector of Malaria in Southern Iran Seyed Hassan Moosa-kazemi, Jalal Mohammadi Soleimani, Hassan Vatandoost, Mohammad Hassan Shirazi, Sara Hajikhani, Roonak Bakhtiari, Siamak Hydarzade, Akbar Bagheri, Mohammad Nasr Abadi, Mehran Mahmoodi 3752
Pulmonary Hydatid Cyst in a 13-Year-Old Child: A Case ReportGhada Esheba, Bayan Hafiz, Ashwaq Al-Qarni, Abdulelah AlMalki, Esraa Kaheel 3257
Purification of Bilge Water by AdsorptionFatiha Atmani, Lamia Djellab, Nacera Yeddou Mezenner, Zohra Bensaadi 3567
Quality of Life after Damage Control Laparotomy for TraumaNoman Shahzad, Amyn Pardhan, Hasnain Zafar 3854
Quantum Sieving for Hydrogen Isotope SeparationHyunchul Oh 3416
Quaternary Ammonium Salts Based Algerian Petroleum Products: Synthesis and CharacterizationHouria Hamitouche, Abdellah Khelifa 3597
Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption onto Untreated Coffee GroundsN. Azouaou, H. Mokaddem, D. Senadjki, K. Kedjit, Z. Sadaoui 3390
Removal of Oxytetracycline Using Sonophotocatalysis: Parametric StudyBouafia-Chergui Souâd, Chabani Malika, Bensmaili Aicha 3476
Removal of Protein from Chromium Tanning Bath by Biological Treatment Using Pseudomonas sp.Amel Benhadji, Mourad Taleb Ahmed, Rachida Maachi 3472
Runoff Estimation Using NRCS-CN MethodE. K. Naseela, B. M. Dodamani, Chaithra Chandran 3580
Salting Effect in Partially Miscible Systems of Water/ Acétic Acid /1-Butanol at 298.15k: Experimental Study and Estimation of New Solvent-Solvent and Salt-Solvent Binary Interaction Parameters for NRTL ModelN. Bourayou, A. -H. Meniai, A. Gouaoura 3392
Sanction Influences and Reconstruction Strategies for Iran Oil Market in Post-SanctionsMehrdad HassanZadeh Dugoori, Iman Mohammadali Tajrishi 3667
Seismic Response Mitigation of Structures Using Base Isolation System Considering Uncertain ParametersRama Debbarma 3592
Self-propelled Intelligent Robotic Vehicle Based on Octahedral Dodekapod to Move in Active Branched Pipelines with Variable Cross-SectionsSergey N. Sayapin, Anatoly P. Karpenko, Suan H. Dang 3569
Sensor Network Routing Optimization by Simulating Eurygaster Life in Wheat FarmsFariborz Ahmadi, Hamid Salehi, Khosrow Karimi 3834
Separation of Chlorinated Plastics and Immobilization of Heavy Metals in Hazardous Automotive Shredder ResidueSrinivasa Reddy Mallampati, Chi-Hyeon Lee, Nguyen Thi Thanh Truc, Byeong-Kyu Lee 3462
Separation of Hazardous Brominated Plastics from Waste Plastics by Froth Flotation after Surface Modification with Mild Heat-TreatmentNguyen Thi Thanh Truc, Chi-Hyeon Lee, Srinivasa Reddy Mallampati, Byeong-Kyu Lee 3458
Sexual Violence against Women in Turkey: In Case of State Policies Gulcimen Karakeci 3761
Sheep Pox Virus Recombinant Proteins To Develop Subunit VaccinesOlga V. Chervyakova, Elmira T. Tailakova, Vitaliy M. Strochkov, Kulyaisan T. Sultankulova, Nurlan T. Sandybayev, Lev G. Nemchinov, Rosemarie W. Hammond 3755
Significant Factors to Motivate Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Construction Firms in the Philippines to Implement ISO 9001:2008Joseph Berlin P. Juanzon, Manuel M. Muhi 3659
Simulation of Improving the Efficiency of a Fire-Tube Steam BoilerRoudane Mohamed 3734
Spatial Integration at the Room-Level of 'Sequina' Slum Area in Alexandria, EgyptAli Essam El Shazly 3341
Spatial Structure of First-Order Voronoi for the Future of Roundabout Cairo Since 1867Ali Essam El Shazly 3331
Species Distribution and Incidence of Inducible Clindamycin Resistance in Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci Isolated from Blood Cultures of Patients with True Bacteremia in TurkeyFatma Koksal Cakirlar, Murat Gunaydin, Nevri̇ye Gonullu, Nuri Kiraz 3254
Study of a Few Additional Posterior Projection Data to 180° Acquisition for Myocardial SPECTYasuyuki Takahashi, Hirotaka Shimada, Takao Kanzaki 3227
Study of Nanoclay Based on PETF. Zouai, F. Z. Benabid, S. Bouhelal, D. Benachour 3638
Sub-Pixel Level Classification Using Remote Sensing For Arecanut CropS. Athiralakshmi, B.E. Bhojaraja, U. Pruthviraj 3576
Surveillance of Mycoplasma gallisepticum in Pet, Game and Free Flying BirdsShamas Ul Hassan, Nasir Mukhtar, Sajjad Ur Rehman, Asghar Ali Mian, Iftikhar Hussain, Muhammad Safdar Anjum 3679
Sustainability Study of Government Procurement of Public Services in Guangzhou: a Perspective Based on the Resources Dependence of Social WorkLi Pan 3881
Synthesis and Physico-Chemical Analysis of Jatropha curcas Seed Oil for ISO VG32 and VG46 ApplicationsM. Nuhu, M. S. Amina, A. H. Aminu, A. J. Abbas, N. Salahudeen, A. Z. Yusuf 3529
Synthesis of Nano Iron Copper Core-Shell by Using K-M Reactor Mohamed Ahmed AbdelKawy, A. H. El-Shazly 3769
Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticle: An Analytical Method Based Approach for the Quantitative Assessment of DrugZeid A. Alothman 3818
Tactile Sensory Digit Feedback for Cochlear Implant Electrode InsertionYusuf Bulale, Mark Prince, Geoff Tansley, Peter Brett 3213
Teachers of English for Accounting Purpose: Self-Identity and Self-ReflectivityNanis Setyorini 3635
Teaching English Language through Religious English LiteratureSmriti Mary Gupta 3684
Tensile strength and Elastic Modulus of Nanocomposites Based on Polypropylene/Linear Low Density Polyethylene/Titanium Dioxide Nano particlesFaramarz Ashenai Ghasemi, Ismail Ghasemi, Sajad Daneshpayeh 3377
The Bioaccumulation of Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), and Chromium (Cr) in Relation to Personal and Social Habits in Electronic Repair Technicians in Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria: A Pilot StudyM. A. Lawal, A. Uzairu, M. S. Sallau 3241
The Cytomegalovirus Infection among Iranian Kidney Graft RecipientsZakieh Rostamzadeh , Nariman Sepehrvand-Zahra Shirmohamadi 3528
The effect of cold pack on pain reduction during sub cutaneo Injection of GCSF Ampoule in Children(6-12years) with Cancer (2010)Anahita massoompour 3814
The Effect of Dose of Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin (PMSG) on Reproductive Efficiency in Ouled Djellal EwesAmeur Ameur Abdelkader, Boukherrouba Hadjira 3556
The Effect of the Adhesive Ductility on Bond Characteristics of CFRP/Steel Double Strap Joints Subjected to Dynamic Tensile LoadingsHaider Al-Zubaidy, Xiao-Ling Zhao, Riadh Al-Mahaidi 3815
The Effect of Three-Dimensional Morphology on Vulnerability Assessment of Atherosclerotic PlaqueM. Zareh, H. Mohammadi, B. Naser 3708
The Effects and Interactions of Synthesis Parameters on Properties of Mg Substituted HydroxyapatiteS. Sharma, U. Batra, S. Kapoor, A. Dua 3404
The Extent to Which Social Factors Affect Urban Functional Mutations and TransformationsSkirmante Mozuriunaite 3317
The Future of Islamic Banking in the UK: What Would the New Legal and Financial Regulatory Architecture Mean to Islamic Banks?Abdul Karim Aldohni 3311
The Influence of the Diameter of the Flow Conducts on the Rheological Behavior of a Non-Newtonian FluidHacina Abchiche, Mounir Mellal, Imene Bouchelkia 3605
The Moderating Effect of Intellectual Capital on the Relationship of Innovation Practices in SME’s Performance Hussen Nasir, Mohd Fitri Mansor, Noor Hidayah Abu 3534
The Role of Cyfra 21-1 in Diagnosing Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)H. J. T. Kevin Mozes, Dyah Purnamasari 3768
The seroprevalence of Parvovirus B19 among Kidney Transplant Recipients: A single center study Zakieh Rostamzadeh Khameneh, Nariman Sepehrvand, N. Ghasemzadeh 3634
The Two-Lane Rural Analysis and Comparison of Police Statistics and Results with the Help IHSDMS. Amanpour, F. Mohamadian, S. A. Tabatabai 3744
Theory into Practice: Social Interdependence Theory and Cooperative Learning Upeksha Walisundara 3765
Time Management Skills, Career Planning and Academic Self-Efficacy of Nursing StudentsTulay Basak, Ceyran Yildirim 3305
To Explore the Felt Needs of Late Adolescents Regarding SRHPremila Ejoumalai 3732
Towards Reliable Mobile Cloud ComputingKhaled Darwish, Islam El Madahh, Hoda Mohamed, Hadia El Hennawy 3696
Transforming Health Information from Manual to Digital (Electronic) World: A Reference and GuideS. Karthikeyan, Naveen Bindra 3306
Translation and Psychometric Evaluation of Persian Version of Kendall Chronic Sorrow Instrument in Mothers of Children with CancerLida Nikfarid, Maryam Rassouli, Leili Borimnejad, Hamid Alavi majd 3807
Treatment of Leaden Sludge of Algiers Refinery by ElectrooxidationKahina Ighilahriz, Ahmed Mourad Taleb, Rachida Maachi 3640
Under the Hegemony of (Liberal) Democracy: An Analysis of Uprising Movement on Hizbuth Tahrir Indonesia (HTI)Andi Triswoyo 3711
Understanding Jordanian Women's Values and Beliefs Related to Prevention and Early Detection of Breast CancerKhlood F. Salman, Richard Zoucha, Hani Nawafleh 3298
Urban Impervious and its Impact on Storm Water Drainage SystemsRatul Das, Udit Narayan Das 3585
Use of an Insecticidal-Iridovirus Kinase towards the Development of Aphid-Resistant PlantsSaranya Ganapathy, Megha N. Parajulee, Michael San Francisco, Hong Zhang 3618
Use of Child Restraints Seat Belts among Karachites Emad Siddiqui, Ghazala Kazi, Badar Afzal, Shahan Waheed, Asher Feroz, Irum Qamar, Saif Siddiqui, Zain Siddiqui 3557
Using Gene Expression Programming in Learning Process of Rough Neural NetworksSanaa Rashed Abdallah, Yasser F. Hassan 3861
Utility of CK7, CK20 and CDX-2 as a Potential Panel in Differentiating Primary Ovarian Surface Epithelial Tumors from Metastatic Adenocarcinoma to the OvaryGhada Esheba, Ghadeer Aldoobi, Salwa Almalk, Abrar Alshareef, Eman Al-khairi, Eman Yaseen 3264
Vapor Phase Transesterification of Dimethyl Malonate with Phenol over Cordierite Honeycomb Coated with Zirconia and Its Modified FormsPrathap S. Raghavendra, Mohamed S. Z. Shamshuddin, Thimmaraju N. Venkatesh 3379
Variation of Streamwise and Vertical Turbulence Intensity in a Smooth and Rough Bed Open Channel FlowM. Abdullah Al Faruque, Ram Balachandar 3495
Vectorial Capacity and Age Determination of Anopheles Maculipinnis S. L. (Diptera: Culicidae), in Esfahan and Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari Provinces, Central IranFariba Sepahvand, Seyed Hassan Moosa-kazemi 3750
Vfx-Creativity or Cost Cutting Study of the Use of Vfx in Hindi CinemaNidhi Patel, Amol Shinde, Amrin Moger 3785
Viewpoint of Nurses in the Psychiatric Wards about Re-Hospitalization Process of Patients with Severe and Persistent Mental DisorderMalek Fereidooni Moghadam,Mehrnoosh Pazargadi, Masoud Fallahi Khoshknab, Kourosh Zarea 3735
Weigh-in-Motion Data Analysis Software for Developing Traffic Data for Mechanistic Empirical Pavement DesignM. A. Hasan, M. R. Islam, R. A. Tarefder 3351
X-Ray Detector Technology Optimization In CT ImagingAziz Ikhlef 3743

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