Excellence in Research and Innovation for Humanity

Venice Italy Aug 13-14, 2015, 17 (8) Part VI

Title (A-Z)Page No
A Boundary Backstepping Control Design for 2-D, 3-D and N-D Heat EquationAziz Sezgin 1077
A Comparative Study of Image Segmentation AlgorithmsMehdi Hosseinzadeh, Parisa Khoshvaght 1435
A Four-Step Ortho-Rectification Procedure for Geo-Referencing Video Streams from a Low-Cost UAVB. O. Olawale, C. R. Chatwin, R. C. D. Young, P. M. Birch, F. O. Faithpraise, A. O. Olukiran 1146
A Low-Power, Low-Noise and High-Gain 58~66 GHz CMOS Receiver Front-End for Short-Range High-Speed Wireless CommunicationsYo-Sheng Lin, Jen-How Lee, Chien-Chin Wang 1655
A Model for an Urban Pedagogy: New Educational Practice for Urbanism in the Globalized Contemporary ContextAlexandra Middea, Silvia Paldino 1727
A New Approach in a Problem of a Supersonic Panel FlutterM. V. Belubekyan, S. R. Martirosyan 1533
A Novel Cold Asphalt Concrete Mixtures for Heavy Trafficked Binder Course Anmar Dulaimi, Hassan Al Nageim, Felicite Ruddock, Linda Seton 1240
A Novel Integration of Berth Allocation, Quay Cranes and Trucks Scheduling Problems in Container TerminalsM. Moharami Gargari, S. Javdani Zamani, A. Mohammadnejad, S. Abuali 1464
A Novel Probablistic Strategy for Modeling Photovoltaic Based Distributed Generators Engy A. Mohamed, Yasser G. Hegaz 1414
A Prospective Study of a Modified Pin-In-Plaster Technique for Treatment of Distal Radius FracturesS. alireza Mirghasemi, Shervin Rashidinia, Mohammadsaleh Sadeghi, Mohsen Talebizadeh, Narges Rahimi Gabaran, S. Shahin Eftekhari, Sara Shahmoradi 1801
A Study on Explicitation Strategies Employed in Persian Subtitling of English Crime MoviesHossein Heidari Tabrizi, Azizeh Chalak, Hossein Enayat 993
A Study on Personnel Commitment Factors in HAFEZ Hospital Farzaneh Bayat 1476
A Study on the Relationships among Teacher Empowerment, Professional Commitment and School EffectivenessS. C. Lin, W. F. Hung, W. W. Cheng 1329
A Validation Technique for Integrated OntologiesNeli P. Zlatareva 1159
Acoustic Emission for Tool-Chip Interface Monitoring during Orthogonal CuttingD. O. Ramadan, R. S. Dwyer-Joyce 1125
Air Flows along Perforated Metal Plates with the Heat TransferKarel Frana, Sylvio Simon 1065
An Analysis of Consumer Preferences for Housing in Saudi ArabiaMohammad Abdulaziz Algrnas 1280
An Approach in Design of Large-Scale Hydrogen PlantsHamidreza Sahaleh 1721
An Investigation of Final Tests of Translation as Practiced in Iranian Undergraduate English Translation Program: The Instructors' PerspectiveHossein Heidari Tabrizi, Azizeh Chalak 983
An Investigation on Students’ Reticence in Iranian University EFL ClassroomsAzizeh Chalak, Firouzeh Baktash 989
Analysis of NMDA Receptor 2B Subunit Gene (GRIN2B) mRNA Expression in the Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells of Alzheimer's Disease PatientsAli̇ Bayram, Semih Dalkilic, Remzi Yigiter 1309
Analytical Modelling of Surface Roughness during Compacted Graphite Iron Milling Using Ceramic InsertsŞ. Karabulut, A. Güllü, A. Güldaş, R. Gürbüz 1117
Androgenic and Spermatogenic Activity of Alkylamide-Rich Ethanol Solution Extract of Anacyclus Pyrethrum DcVikas Sharma, V. K. Dixit 1531
Are There Any Positive Effects of Motivational Interviewing on Motion Sickness?Unal Demirtas, Mehmet Ergin Dipcin, Mehmet Cetin 1599
Assessing the Potential of a Waste Material for Cement Replacement and the Effect of Its Fineness in Soft Soil StabilisationHassnen M. Jafer, W. Atherton, F. Ruddock 1230
Assessment of Agricultural Land Use Land Cover, Land Surface Temperature and Population Changes Using Remote Sensing and GIS: Southwest Part of Marmara Sea, TurkeyMelis Inalpulat, Levent Genc 1010
Biological Activity of Essential Oils from Salvia nemorosa L.Abdol-Hassan Doulah 1596
Biological Management of Diseases of Tomato Grown in Poly House under Organic Production SystemShripad Kulkarni, Mantoor, Biradar 1463
Biological Optimization following BM-MSC Seeding of Partially Demineralized and Partially Demineralized Laser-Perforated Structural Bone Allografts Implanted in Critical Femoral DefectsS. AliReza Mirghasemi, Zameer Hussain, Mohammad Saleh Sadeghi, Narges Rahimi Gabaran, Mohamadreza Baghaban Eslaminejad 1794
Bioprospecting for Indigenous Ruderal Plants with Potentials for Phytoremediation of Soil Heavy Metals in the Southern Guinea Savanna of North Western Nigeria Sunday Paul Bako, Augustine Uwanekwu Ezealor, Yahuza Tanimu 1418
Bone Marrow Edema Syndrome in the Foot and AnkleS. Alireza Mirghasemi, Elly Trepman, Mohammad Saleh Sadeghi, Narges Rahimi Gabaran, Shervin Rashidinia 1800
Calpain-Mediated, Cisplain-Induced Apoptosis in Breast Cancer CellsShadia Al-Bahlani, Khadija Al-Bulushi, Zuweina Al-Hadidi, Buthaina Al-Dhahl, Nadia Al-Abri 1308
Cardiac Protective Effect of Olive Oil against Ischemia Reperfusion- Induced Cardiac Arrhythmias in Isolated Diabetic Rat HeartsIshfaq A. Bukhari, Bassem Yousef Sheikh, Abdulrahman Almotrefi, Osama Yousaf, Amer Mahmood 1724
Characterization of Bovine SERPIN- Alpha-1 Antitrypsin (AAT)Sharique Ahmed, Khushtar Anwar Salman 1545
Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil of Citrus aurantium Isolated by Solvent Free Microwave Assisted Extraction and Hydrodistillation ExtractionMasume Rezaie, Mohammad H. Farjam 1612
Cleaning of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) Obtained from Ferroalloys PlantStefan Andersson, Balram Panjwani, Bernd Wittgens, Jan Erik Olsen 1095
Coastal Cliff Protection in Beit Yanai, Israel: Examination of Alternatives and Public Preference AnalysisTzipi Eshet 1318
Cognitive Relaying in Interference Limited Spectrum Sharing Environment: Outage Probability and Outage CapacityMd Fazlul Kader, Soo Young Shin 1170
Collapse Surface of sandsOmid Naeemifar, Ibrahim Naeimifar, Roza Rahbari 1695
Combined Puncture/Cutting of Elastomer Membranes by Pointed Blades: An Alternative Approach of Fracture EnergyEnnouri Triki and Toan Vu-Khanh 1746
Combustion Chamber Sizing for Energy Recovery from Furnace Process Gas: Waste to Energy Balram Panjwani, Bernd Wittgens, Jan Erik Olsen, Stein Tore Johansen 1126
Comparative Spatial Analysis of a Re-Arranged Hospital BuildingBurak Köken, Hatice D. Arslan, Bilgehan Y. Çakmak 1284
Comprehensive Investigation of Solving Analytical of Nonlinear Differential Equations at Chemical Reactions to Design of Reactors by New Method “AGM”Mohammadreza Akbari, Pooya Soleimani Besheli, Reza khalili, Sara Akbari, Davood Domiri Ganji 1659
Compressive Strength Development of Normal Concrete and Self-Consolidating Concrete Incorporated with GGBSM. Nili, S. Tavasoli, A. R. Yazdandoost 1275
Computer Network Applications, Practical Implementations and Structural Control System RepresentationsEl Miloudi Djelloul 1320
Controlling of Water Temperature during the Electrocoagulation Process Using an Innovative Flow Columns -Electrocoagulation ReactorKhalid S. Hashim, Andy Shaw, Rafid Alkhaddar, Montserrat Ortoneda Pedrola 1255
Cooperative CDD Scheme Based On Hierarchical Modulation in OFDM SystemSeung-Jun Yu, Yeong-Seop Ahn, Young-Min Ko and Hyoung-Kyu Song 1175
Correlation Study between Clinical and Radiological Findings in Knee Osteoarthritis Nabil A. A. Mohamed, Alaa A. A. Balbaa, Khaled E. Ayad 1702
Corrosion Protection of Steel 316 by Electrochemically Synthesized Conductive Poly (O-Toluidine)H. Acar, M. Karakışla, L. Aksu, M. Saçak 1137
Covalent Binding of Cysteine to a Sol-Gel Material for Cadmium Biosorption from Aqueous Solutions Claudiu Marcu, Cristina Paul, Adelina Andelescu, Corneliu Mircea Davidescu, Francisc Péter 1294
CP-96345 Rregulates Hydrogen Sulphide Induced TLR4 Signaling Pathway Adhesion Molecules in Caerulein Treated Pancreatic Acinar CellsRamasamy Tamizhselvi, Leema George, Madhav Bhatia 1431
Create a Model of Production and Marketing Strategies in Alignment with Business Strategy Using QFD ApproachHamed Saremi, Shahla Saremi 1496
Creating the Modern Financial SystemKarim Naas 1770
Creative Experience and Revisit Intention of Handmade Oriental Parasol Umbrella in KaohsiungYi-Ju Lee 951
Design of Effective Decoupling Point in Build to Order Systems, Focusing on Trade-Off Relation between Order to Delivery Lead Time and Work in ProgressZhiyong Li, Hiroshi Katayama 1546
Design of Neural Predictor for Vibration Analysis of Drilling Machineİkbal Eski 1516
Determination of Potential Agricultural Lands Using Landsat 8 OLI Images and GIS: Case Study of Gokceada (Imroz) TurkeyRahmi Kafadar, Levent Genc 1006
Determining Earthquake Performances of Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings by Using ANNMusa H. Arslan, Murat Ceylan, Tayfun Koyuncu 1249
Determining the Effect of Tdcs in Pain and Quality of Life in Patients with Fibromyalgia Farid Rezaei, Zahra Reza Soltani, Behrouz Tavana, Afsaneh Dadarkhah, Masoume Bahrami Asl, S. Alireza Mirghasemi 1795
Developing a Town Based Soil Database to Assess the Sensitive Zones in Nutrient ManagementSefa Aksu, Ünal Kızıl 1016
Development and Characterization of Site Specific Peptide Conjugated Polymeric Nanoparticles for Efficient Delivery of PaclitaxelMadhu Gupta, Vikas Sharma, Suresh P. Vyas 1530
Development of Computer System to Product Shape of Rapid Prototyping TechnologyMeftah O. Bashir, Fatma A. Karkory 1089
Development of Detachable Brake System for Moving ApparatusBong-Keun Jung, Jung-Yeon Kim 1317
Development of Femoral Head Osteonecrosis Due to Corticosteroids Consumption; Probable Role of OCP: A Case ReportS. Alireza Mirghasemi, Shervin Rashidinia, Mohammad Saleh Sadeghi, Mohsen Talebizadeh, Narges Rahimi Gabaran, Seyed Shahin Eftekhari, Sara Shahmoradi 1798
Development of Internet of Things (IoT) with Mobile Voice Picking and Cargo Tracing Systems in Warehouse Operations of Third-Party LogisticsEugene Y. C. Wong 1432
Discrete Crack Modeling of Side Face FRP-Strengthened Concrete Beam Shahriar Shahbazpanahi, Mohammad Hemen Jannaty, Alaleh Kamgar 1271
Drug and Poison Information Centers: An Emergent Need of Health Care Professionals in Pakistan Asif Khaliq, Sayeeda A. Sayed 1786
Effect of Amiodarone on the Thyroid Gland of Adult Male Albino Rat and the Possible Protective Role of Vitamin E Supplementation: A Histological and Ultrastructural Study Ibrahim Abdulla Labib, Medhat Mohamed Morsy, Gamal Hosny, Hanan Dawood Yassa, Gaber Hassan 1409
Effect of Extrusion Parameters on the Rheological Properties of Ready-To-Eat Extrudates Developed from De-Oiled Rice BranRenu Sharma, D. C. Saxena, Tanuja Srivastava 1413
Effect of Inspiratory Muscle Training on Diaphragmatic Strength Following Coronary Revascularization Abeer Ahmed Abdelhamed 1559
Effect of Maturation on the Characteristics and Physicochemical Properties of Banana and Its StarchChien-Chun Huang, P. W. Yuan 1685
Effect of Muscle Energy Technique on Anterior Pelvic Tilt in Lumbar Spondylosis PatientsEnas El Sayed Abutaleb, Mohamed Taher Eldesoky, Shahenda Abd El Rasol 1296
Effect of Resistance Exercise on Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis Alireza Barari, Saeed Shirali, Ahmad Abdi 1804
Effect of Rotation Speed on Microstructure and Microhardness of AA7039 Rods Joined by Friction WeldingH. Karakoc, A. Uzun, G. Kırmızı, H. Çinici, R. Çitak 1114
Effect of Submaximal Eccentric versus Maximal Isometric Contraction on Delayed Onset Muscle SorenessMohamed M. Ragab, Neveen A. Abdel Raoof, Reham H. Diab 1310
Effect of Transmission Distance on the Performance of Hybrid Configuration Using Non Return to Zero (NRZ) Pulse FormatMais Wa'ad 1187
Effects of Aerobic, Resistance, and Concurrent Training on Secretion of Growth Hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 in Elderly WomenKh Jalali Dehkordi, A. Jalali Dehkordi, A. Tofighi 1808
Efficient Single Relay Selection Scheme Utilizing OVSF Code for Cooperative CommunicationYeong-Seop Ahn, Myoung-Jin Kim, Young-Min Ko, Hyoung-Kyu Song 1179
Encapsulation of Venlafaxine-Dowex® Resinate: A Once Daily Multiple Unit FormulationSalwa Mohamed Salah Eldin, Howida Kamal Ibrahim 1532
Environmental Literacy of Teacher Educators in Colleges of Teacher Education in IsraelTzipi Eshet 1064
Estimating the Flow Velocity Using Flow Generated SoundSaeed Hosseini, Ali Reza Tahavvor 1142
Ethical Discussions on Prenatal Diagnosis: Iranian Case of Thalassemia Prevention ProgramSachiko Hosoya 1633
Evaluation of Initial Graft Tension during ACL Reconstruction Using a Three-Dimensional Computational Finite Element Simulation: Effect of the Combination of a Band of Gracilis with the Former GraftS. Alireza Mirghasemi, Javad Parvizi, Narges R. Gabaran, Shervin Rashidinia, Mahdi M. Bijanabadi, Dariush G. Savadkoohi 1788
Examination of the Impact of Projects Based on Reggio Emilia Approach on the Creative Thinking Skills of Preschool Children: A Qualitative StudyArzu Akar Gençer, Mübeccel Gönen 1434
Examining of Tool Wear in Cryogenic Machining of Cobalt-Based Haynes 25 SuperalloyMurat Sarıkaya, Abdulkadir Güllü 1109
Exogenous Ascorbic Acid Increases Resistance to Salt of Carthamus tinctorius Banu Aytül Ekmekçi 1558
Experimental Study of LPG Diffusion Flame at Elevated Preheated Air TemperaturesAhmed A. El-Kafy Amer, H. M. Gad, A. I. Ibrahim, S. I. Abdel-Mageed, T. M. Farag 1207
Exploration and Exploitation within OperationsD. Gåsvaer, L. Stålberg, A. Fundin, M. Jackson, P. Johansson 1083
Exploring Methods and Strategies for Sustainable Urban Development Klio Monokrousou, Maria Giannopoulou 1290
Factors Influencing the Usage of ERP in Enterprise SystemsMohammad Reza Babaei, Sanaz Kamrani 1728
Farm Households' Perceptions on Climate Change and Willingness to Subscribe for Advisory Weather Forecasts in South West NigeriaT. O. Oyekale, A. S. Oyekale, J. A. Oyedepo 1747
Fault Diagnosis in Confined SystemsNesrine Berber, Hafid Haffaf, Abdel Madjid Meghabar 1708
Foreign Investment, Technological Diffusion and Competiveness of Exports: A Case for Textile Industry in PakistanSyed Touqeer Akhter, Muhammad Awais 1560
Formulation and Evaluation of Glimepiride (GMP)-Solid Nanodispersion and Nanodispersed TabletsAhmed. Abdel Bary, Omneya. Khowessah, Mojahed. al-jamrah 1544
Fractional Residue Number SystemParisa Khoshvaght, Mehdi Hosseinzadeh 1520
Fracture Dislocation of Upper Sacrum in an Adolescent: Case Report and Review of LiteratureS. Alireza Mirghasemi, Narges Rahimi Gabaran 1797
Functioning of a Temporarily Single Parent Family System Due to Migration from the Perspective of Adolescents with Cerebral PalsyA. Gagat-Matuła 963
Has Tandem Paragliding an Effect on Flow State for Physically Disabled Individuals?Hasan Sahan, Nazmi Baykose, Mustafa Yildiz, Güney Çetinkaya 944
Holographic Reconstruction of Scalar Field Dark Energy ModelsSurajit Chattopadhyay 1615
Honey Intoxication: A Unique Cause of Sudden Cardiac CollapseBharat Rawat, Shekhar Rajbhandari, Yadav Bhatta, Jay Prakash Jaiswal, Shivaji Bikram Silwal, Rajiv Shrestha, Shova Sunuwar 1611
HPTLC Fingerprinting of steroidal glycoside of leaves and berries of Solanum nigrum L. (Inab-us-salab/makoh)Karishma Chester, Sarvesh K. Paliwal, Sayeed Ahmad 1723
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Test Predictive Modeling and Identify Determinants of HIV Testing for People with Age above Fourteen Years in Ethiopia Using Data Mining Techniques: EDHS 2011S. Abera, T. Gidey, W. Terefe 1745
Hybrid MIMO-OFDM Detection for High PerformanceYoung-Min Ko, Dong-Hyun Ha, Chang-Bin Ha, Hyoung-Kyu Song 1183
Impact of Experience-Oriented Marketing on the Buying Behaviour of the Consumers: An Application in Konya Ebru Esen, Omer Akkaya, Nattanan Pankrobkaew 1604
Impact on Soil Irrigated with Municipal and Industrial Wastewater from Korangi Drain near IoBM, KarachiFarhan Ali 1651
Impact on Vegetables Irrigated with Municipal and Industrial Wastewater from Korangi Drain near IoBM, Karachi Nida Rabab 1605
Implementation of the Canadian Emergency Department Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS) in an Urgent Care Center in Saudi Arabia Abdullah Arafat, Ali Al-Farhan, Amir Omair 1739
Implementation of Total Quality Management in Public Sector: Case of TunisiaRafla Hchaichi 1321
Improving Operational Excellence Adopting TPM Practices in an Indian Automobile Industry: A Case StudyPardeep Gupta 1525
In Hospital Victim Tracking and Tracing during Major Incidents, Redesigning the Patient Barcode Registration SystemJ. J. M. Haverkort, J. H. Bouman, J. D. D. Wind, L. P. H. Leenen 1300
In the Primary Education, the Classroom Teacher's Procedure of Coping WITH Stress, the Health of Psyche and the Direction of Check PointCaglayan Pinar Demirtas, Mustafa Koc 1616
Influence of Bilateral and Unilateral Flatfoot on Pelvic AlignmentMohamed Taher Eldesoky, Enas Elsayed Abutaleb 1302
Influence of Harmonics on Medium Voltage Distribution System: A Case Study for Residential AreaO. Arikan, C. Kocatepe, G. Ucar, Y. Hacialiefendioglu 1221
Intelligent Production MachineA. Şahinoğlu, R. Gürbüz, A. Güllü, M. Karhan 1101
Interval Bilevel Linear Fractional ProgrammingF. Hamidi, N. Amiri, H. Mishmast Nehi 1796
Investigation into the Optimum Hydraulic Loading Rate for Selected Filter Media Packed in a Continuous Upflow FilterA. Alzeyadi, E. Loffill, R. Alkhaddar 1245
Investigation of Possible Precancerous Viral Markers in Dental Follicles of Asymptomatic Impacted TeethSerap Keskin Tunç, Cennet Neslihan Eroğlu, Sevinç Şahin, Selda Seçkin 1307
Investigation on the Nail Walls Performance in Jointed Rock MediumIbrahim Naeimifar, Omid Naeemifar 1690
Investigation the Photocatalytic Properties of Fe3O4-TiO2 Nanocomposites Prepared by Sonochemical MethodZh. Saffari, A. Naeimi, M. S. Ekrami-Kakhki, F. Hamidi 1764
Is HR in a State of Transition? An International Comparative Study on the Development of HR CompetenciesBarbara Covarrubias Venegas, Sabine Groblschegg, Bernhard Klaus, Julia Domnanovich 969
Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of Dimethylglyoxime Chromium (III) Complex by PeriodateAhmed A. Abdel-Khalek, Reham A. Mohamed 1135
Lack of Functional Interaction between Nitric Oxide and ET-A Receptors in Cisplatin-Induced Acute Renal Failure Mai M. Helmy 1378
Lexical Density and Diversity in Written Genre: A Developmental Perspective in Adolescents of IndiaSudhin Karuppali, Jayashree S. Bhat 1508
Lipid Nanoparticles for Spironolactone Delivery: Physicochemical Characteristics, Stability and Invitro ReleaseH. R. Kelidari, M. Saeedi, J. Akbari, K. Morteza-Semnani, H. Valizadeh 1510
Loss Analysis by Loading Conditions of Distribution Transformers A. Bozkurt, C. Kocatepe, R. Yumurtaci, İ. C. Tastan, G. Tulun 1226
Machining Responce of Austempered Ductile Iron with Varying Cutting Speed and Depth of CutPrashant Parhad, Vinayak Dakre, Ajay Likhite, Jatin Bhatt 1587
Magnetorheological Elastomer Composites Obtained by ExtrusionM. Masłowski, M. Zaborski 1123
Marketing of Turkish Films by CrowdfundingNurdan Tumbek Tekeoglu 998
Marwit Rod El Leqah Quartz Deposits as a Strategic Source of High Purity QuartzSuzan S. Ibrahim, M. G. Shahien, Ali Q. Seliem, Mostafa R. Abukhadra, A. M. Zayed 1765
Mesquite (Prosopis juliflora) Pods as a Local Alternative to Feed PoultryAbdulrahman Al-Soqeer, Osamah Fahmy 1024
Methodology Adopted to Provide Mobile Medical Services (MMS) in an Earthquake Affected Unreachable, under Developed Region in NepalHHLK Fernando, DMDJ Dissanayaka, NS Fernando 1771
Methylene Blue Removal Using NiO nanoparticles-Sand Adsorption Packed BedNedal N. Marei, Nashaat Nassar 1561
Mixed Hydrotropic Zaleplon Oral Tablets: Formulation and Neuropharmacological Effect on Plasma GABA LevelGhada A. Abdelbary, Maha M. Amin, Mostafa Abdelmoteleb 1543
Modeling by Application of the Nernst-Planck Equation and Film Theory for Predicting of Chromium Salts through Nanofiltration MembraneAimad Oulebsir, Toufik Chaabane, Sivasankar Venkatramann, Andre Darchen, Rachida Maachi 1636
Monitoring and Evaluation of the Water Quality of Taal Lake, Talisay, Batangas, PhilippinesFelipe B. Martinez, Imelda C. Galera 1330
Morality in Actual Behavior: The Moderation Effect of Identification with the Ingroup and Religion on Norm ComplianceShauma L. Tamba 1787
Ni Mixed Oxides Type-Spinel for Energy: Application in Dry Reforming of Methane for Syngas (H2 and CO) ProductionBedarnia Ishak 1769
Numerical Simulation of Three-Dimensional Cavitating Turbulent Flow in Francis Turbines with ANSYSRaza Abdulla Saeed 1071
On the Significance of Preparing a Professional Literature Review in EFL ContextFahimeh Marefat, Marzieh Marefat 1515
On-Farm Research on Organic Fruits Production in the Eastern ThailandSali Chinsathit, Haruthai Kaenla 1023
One Plus One is More than Two: Why Nurse Recruiters Need to Use Various Multivariate Techniques to Understand the Limitations of the Concept of Emotional IntelligenceAustyn Snowden 1410
Optimal Planning of Dispatchable Distributed Generators for Power Loss Reduction in Unbalanced Distribution NetworksMahmoud M. Othman, Y. G. Hegazy, A. Y. Abdelaziz 1215
Optimization of Vertical Axis Wind TurbineC. Andreu Sabater, D. Drago, C. Key-aberg, W. Moukrim, B. Naccache 1789
Ovarian Hyperstimulation SyndromeAli Metawie 1815
Paradigm Shift of Leadership: Leaders in Information TechnologyMustafa Hyder, Khalid Mahmood Iraqi, Sameen Mustafa 1679
Performance Comparison of a Low Cost Air Quality Sensor with a Commercial Electronic NoseÜnal Kızıl, Levent Genç, Sefa Aksu, Ahmet Tapınç 1405
Personnel Commitment Factors in HospitalFarzaneh Bayat 1445
Pioglitazone Ameliorates Methotrexate-Induced Renal Endothelial Dysfunction via Amending Detrimental Changes in Antioxidant Profile, Systemic Cytokines and Fas ProductionSahar M. El-Gowilly, Mai M. Helmy, Hanan M. El-Gowelli 1339
Plasma Collagen XVIII in Response to Intensive Aerobic Running and Aqueous Extraction of Black Crataegus Elbursensis in Male RatsA. Abdi, A. Abbasi Daloee, A. Barari 1807
POSS as Modifiers and Additives for Elastomer CompositesAnna Strąkowska, Marian Zaborski 1124
Practical Aspects Pertaining to the Selection of Size and Location of Source Substations in an Oil FieldYadavalli Venkata Sridhar 1198
Present an Active Solar Energy System to Supply Heating Demands of the Teaching Staff Dormitory of Islamic Azad University of RamhormozM. Talebzadegan, S. Bina , I. Riazi 1554
Proposing a New Design Method for Added Viscoelastic Damper’s Application in Steel Moment-FrameSaeed Javaherzadeh, Babak Dindar Safa 1562
Protective Effects of Ethanolic Purslane Extracts on Doxorubicin-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Albino RatsOsama M. Ahmed, Walaa G. Hozayen, Haidy Tamer Abo Sree 1136
Punching Shear under Eccentric LoadingRwayda Al Hamd,Martin Gillie,Mohammed M. Rasheed, Yong Wang 1338
Pushover Analysis of Masonry Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frames for Performance Based Design for near Field Earthquakes Alok Madan, Ashok Gupta, Arshad K. Hashmi 1264
Ranking the Elements of Relationship Market Orientation Banks (Case Study: Saderat Bank of Iran)Sahar Jami, Iman Valizadeh 1816
REITs India- New Investment Avenue for Financing Urban Infrastructure in IndiaRajat Kapoor 1687
Relative Clause Attachment Ambiguity Resolution in L2: the Role of SemanticsHamideh Marefat, Eskandar Samadi 1541
Requirements to Establish a Taxi Sharing System in an Urban AreaMorteza Ahmadpur, Ilgin Gokasar, Saman Ghaffarian 1634
Research Opportunities in Business Process Management and Performance Measurement from a Constructivist ViewR.T.O. Lacerda, L. Ensslin., S.R. Ensslin, L. Knoff 1773
Retirement Planning and Job Satisfaction: Cushion to Avoid Bridge Employment?Zaiton Osman, Imbarine Bujang, Azaze-Azizi Abdul Adis, Grace Phang Ing, Mohd Rizwan Abdul Majid, Izyanti Awang Razli 1462
Review in Role of Geotextile on Soil ImprovementSandra Ghavam Shirazi, Mohsen Ramezan Shirazi, Mohammadreza Golhashem 1237
Reviewing Soil Erosion in GreecePaschalis Koutalakis, George N. Zaimes, Valasia Iakovoglou, Konstantinos Ioannou 1053
Rheological Modeling for Shape-Memory Thermoplastic Polymers H. Hosseini, B. V. Berdyshev, I. Iskopintsev 1138
Risk Assessment of Particulate Matter (PM10) in Makkah, Saudi ArabiaTurki M. Habeebullah, Atef M. F. Mohammed, Essam A. Morsy 1033
Role of Spatial Variability in the Service Life Prediction of Reinforced Concrete Bridges Affected by CorrosionOmran M. Kenshel, Alan J. O'Connor 1328
Serum Cortisol and Osteocalsin in Response to Eight Weeks Aerobic Training in Asthma Men with Mild to Moderate IntensityEizadi Mojtaba 1645
Sex Differentiation of Elm Nymphalid (Nymphalis polychloros Linnaeus, 1758) on Pupal StageHanife Genç 1002
Simulation and Study of the Effect of Paint Mineral Coating on Energy Saving A. A. Azemati, H. Hosseini 1744
Simultaneous Determination of Sildenafil Citrate, L-arginine and Some CYP3A4 Inhibitors: A Proposed Drug Interaction Screening Test for Patients Admitted with SLD Induced Cardiovascular Toxic EventsFaten Farouk, Ehab F. Elkady, Hassan M. E. Azzazy 1726
Six Weeks Plyometric Training and Mistletoe Supplementation on Changes of Cytokines Levels in Basketball PlayersAlireza Barari, Saeed Shirali 1802
Strategic Development of Urban Environmental Management Base on Good Governance - Case study of (Waste Management of Tehran) A. Farhad Sadri, B. Ali Farhadi, C. Nasim Shalamzari 1041
Streptavidin-Biotin Attachment on Modified Silicon NanowiresShalini Singh, Sanjay K. Srivastava, Govind, Mukhtar. A. Khan, P. K. Singh 1785
Study of Electro-Chemical Properties of ZnO Nanowires for Various ApplicationMeera A. Albloushi, Adel B. Gougam 1319
Study of White Salted Noodles Air Dehydration Assisted by Microwave as Compared to Conventional Air Dried ProcessChiun-C. R. Wang, I-Yu Chiu 1022
Subjective Quality Assessment for Impaired Videos with Varying Spatial and Temporal InformationMuhammad Rehan Usman, Muhammad Arslan Usman, Soo Young Shin 1164
Surface Modification of Co-Based Nanostructures to Develop Intrinsic Fluorescence and Catalytic Activity Monalisa Pal, Kalyan Mandal 1337
Sustainability of Urban Affordable Housing in MalaysiaLim Poh Im 1635
Synergistic Effect of Doxorubicin-Loaded Silver Nanoparticles – Polymeric Conjugates on Breast Cancer CellsNancy M. El-Baz, Laila Ziko, Rania Siam, Wael Mamdouh 1336
Synthesis and Anticancer Activity Evaluation of Some Alkylated Isatin DerivativesMohammad K. Mohammadi, Parya Nasehi 1581
Technical and Environmental Improvement of LNG Carrier's Propulsion Machinery by Using Jatropha Biao Diesel FuelE. H. Hegazy, M. A. Mosaad, A. A. Tawfik, A. A. Hassan, M. Abbas 1025
Temporal Variation of PM10-Bound Benzo(a)Pyrene Concentration in an Urban and a Rural Site of Northwestern HungaryZs. Csanádi, A. Szabó Nagy, J. Szabó, J. Erdős 1048
The Economic Valuation of Public Support Ecosystem: A Contingent Valuation Study in Setiu Wetland, Terengganu MalaysiaElmira Shamshity 1617
The Effect of 6 Weeks Endurance Swimming Training on Blood Glucose and Cardiac Tissue Antioxidants in Diabetic RatsKh. Dehkordi, R. Sharifi Gholam, S. Arshadi 1809
The Effect of Austempering Temperature on Anisotropy of TRIP SteelAbdolreza Heidari Noosh Abad, Amir Abedi, Davood Mirahmadi khaki 1722
The Effect of Different Parameters on a Single Invariant Lateral Displacement Distribution to Consider the Higher Modes Effect in a Displacement-Based Pushover ProcedureMohamad Amin Amini, Mehdi Poursha 1433
The Effect of Four Weeks Resistance Exercise along with Milk Consumption on NT-proBNP and Plasma Troponin IA. Abdi, A. Barari, Z. Vahedi Langrodi, H. Abed Natanzi, A. Esfandyarifar 1806
The Effects of 16 Weeks Anger Management Training on Volleyball Playing Teenage GirlsM. Yıldız, N. Baykose, H. Sahan, G. Çetinkaya 1580
The Effects of Six Weeks Moderate-Intensity Aerobic Training on Plasma Glutathione Peroxidase and Superoxide Dismutase in Women with Type-2 DiabetesA. Abdi, Masoumeh Yarmohamadi 1810
The Impact of One Session of Kumite Training, Speed Kata and Strength Kata on the Rate of Viscosity, Fibrinogen and Plasma Lipid Profile in Young Karate Player WomenM. Nasiri, A. Abdi, L. Bahrami 1811
The Impact of Temporal Impairment on Quality of Experience (QoE) in Video Streaming: A No Reference (NR) Subjective and Objective StudyMuhammad Arslan Usman, Muhammad Rehan Usman, Soo Young Shin 1190
The Interactive Effect of Sodium Chloride and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) on Bacillus aquimaris Bassam O AlJohny 1295
The Interplay of Locus of Control, Academic Achievement and Biological Variables among Iranian Online EFL LearnersAzizeh Chalak, Niloufar Nasri 978
The Methodology of Out-Migration in GeorgiaShorena Tsiklauri 955
The Predictive Value of Extensor Grip Test for the Effectiveness of Treatment for Tennis Elbow: A Randomized Controlled TrialMohammad Javad Zehtab, S. Alireza Mirghasemi, Ali Majlesara, Parvin Tajik, Babak Siavashi 1793
The Relationship between Spindle Sound and Tool Performance in TurningN. Seemuang, T. McLeay, T. Slatter 1134
The Relationship of Dynamic Knee Valgus with Isometric Hip Strength in Functional ActivitiesA. Fawzy, K. Ayad, K. Mohamed, W. Reda 1763
The Role of Serum Fructosamine as a Monitoring Tool in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Treatment in VietnamTruong H. Le, Ngoc M. To, Quang N. Tran, Luu T. Cao, Chi V. Le 1301
The Study of the Absorption and Translocation of Chromium by Lygeum spartum in the Mining Region of Djebel Hamimat and Soil-Plant InteractionH. Khomri, A. Bentellis 1650
The Study of ZigBee Protocol Application in Wireless NetworksArdavan Zamanpour, Somaieh Yassari 1735
Three-Dimensional Off-Line Path Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Lana Dalawr Jalal 1154
Towards a Balancing Medical Database by Using the Least Mean Square Algorithm Kamel Belammi, Houria Fatrim 1714
Traffic Density Measurement by Automatic Detection of the Vehicles Using Gradient Vectors from Aerial ImagesSaman Ghaffarian, Ilgin Gökaşar 1259
Tri/Tetra-Block Copolymeric Nanocarriers as a Potential Ocular Delivery System of Lornoxicam: Experimental Design-Based Preparation, in-vitro Characterization and in-vivo Estimation of Transcorneal PermeationAlaa Hamed Salama, Rehab Nabil Shamma 1542
Understanding and Enhancing Ecotourism Opportunities through EducationV. Iakovoglou, G. N. Zaimes, M. P. Arraiza Bermúdez-Cañete, J. L. García, M. C. Giménez, C. Calderón-Guerrero, F. Ioras, I. Abrudan 1059
Urban and Rural Population Pyramids in Georgia Since 1950’sShorena Tsiklauri, Avtandil Sulaberidze, Nino Gomelauri 959
Using Building Geometry to Reduce Thermal Discomfort in a UK Passivhaus Dwelling for a Warming ClimateYahya Lavafpour, Steve Sharples 1495
Using Tilted Façade to Reduce Thermal Discomfort in a UK Passivhaus Dwelling for a Warming ClimateYahya Lavafpour, Steve Sharples 1494
Utilizing Google Earth for Internet GISAlireza Derambakhsh 1713
Vertebral Transverse Open Wedge Osteotomy in Correction of Thoracolumbar Kyphosis Resulting from Ankylosing SpondylitisS. AliReza Mirghasemi, Amin Mohamadi, Zameer Hussain, Narges Rahimi Gabaran, Mir Mostafa Sadat, Shervin Rashidinia 1799
Wear in Manufacturing Tools in Turning of Cylindrical WorkpieceNasir Kloub, Sayel M. Fayyad, Abdelsalam A. Nabulsi 1812
What Hikers Wants? Evaluation by Travel Agents PerspectiveG. Çetinkaya, M. Yıldız, P. Çetinkaya 1600

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