Author Index 1969 - 2021 ELECTRONIC GUIDE FOR THESES

Prepared by Nerveen Abd El Salam Abd El Kader Ahmed



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Aalaa Mohamed El-Amin Sweelam.

Effect of foot posture on knee function in knee osteoarthritis

Musculoskeletal Master 2017.



Abd Allah Gamiel Ayed.

Effect of Vojta Method on Electromyographic Activity of Multifidus muscle in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients.

Musculoskeletal Master 2019.


Abd Allah Hussein Abd El Fadil.

Efficacy Of Weight Reduction On Dyslipidemia In Different Classes Of Type 2 Diabetic Obese Women

Cardiopulmonary Master 2014.



Abd EI Hamid Yassin Zaalook.

Effect of exposure to fifty hertz low intensity magnetic field on the lymphoid tissues of rats.

Basic Science Doctoral 2006.



Abd El Aziz Ali Abd El Aziz.

Effect of visuomotor coordination training on fine motor skills in spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy children.

Children Doctoral 2007.


Abd El Galil Allam El Galil.

The Effect of Cervical Manipulation on Selected Parameters in Patient with Mechanical Neck Pain.

Musculoskeletal Master 2008.


Abd El Halim Zaghloul Elsayed Nada.

The incidence of osteoporosis and osteopenia among knee osteoarthritic patients.

Musculoskeletal Master 2009.


Abd El Hamed Mohamed Abd El Hady.

Strengthening Versus Endurance Exercises in Treatment Of Chronic Mechanical Neck Pain.

Musculoskeletal Master 2009.


Abd El Hamed Nabil Deghiedy.

Effect of Strengthening Program of Shoulder Muscles and Hand Functions in Spastic Hemiplegic Children.

Children Master 2007.


Abd El Monem Mahmoud A. El Aty.

Effects of exercises on respiration.

Cardiopulmonary Master 1979.



Abd El Rhman Agamy.

Physical Therapy Interventions For chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Patients (Systemic Review Study).

Cardiopulmonary Master 2009.


Abd El Samad A. Abd El Samad.

Physiotheraputical management in some paralytic deformities of the lower limb in cases of poliomyelitis in children.

Children Master 1977.



Abd El-Aliem Abd El-Fattah Ibrahim Attia.

The role of electrmyographic biofeedback on restoration of some selected shoulder activities in stroke hemiplegic patients.

Neuromuscular Master 1987.



Abd El-Alim Abd El-Fattah Ibrahim Atteya.

Effect of cervical collar on dynamic balance and selected walking parameters in neurologically impaired subjects.

Neuromuscular Doctoral 1996.



Abd El-Aziz Ahmed Olama.

Effect of respiratory exercise on pulmonary function in hemiplegic children.

Children Master 1990.



Abd El-Aziz Ali Abd El-Aziz Sherief.

Effect of neck, trunk shoulder immobilization on hand function in dyskinetic children.

Children Master 2003.



Abd El-Hamid Yassin Abd El-Hamid.

The effect of different surged faradic stimulation on muscle strength.

Basic Science Master 1988.



Abd El-Hamied Ibrahim El-Sayed Mohamed

Effect of cervical collars on postural stability in patients With cervical discogenic radiculopathy/

Neuromuscular Master 2010.



Abd El-Hamied Ibrahim El-Sayed Mohamed

Influence of cervicocephalic kinesthetic sensibility on postural control and vertebral artery blood flow in cervical discogenic lesions

Neuromuscular Doctoral 2015.



Abd El-Rahman Mahmoud Abd El Moneim

Aerobic exercises versus whole body vibration exercise on thyroid stimulating hormones in type 1 diabetes

Cardiopulmonary Master 2015.



Abdallah Ahmed Abdallah Abdelsameea.

Prevalence of jumpers knee in different ages of volleyball players survey study.

Basic Science Master 2021.


Abdallah Mohamed Kamel.

Effects of Flexible Flat Feet on electromyographic activity of Erector Spinae and Multifidus.

Musculoskeletal Master 2019.


Abdalrahem Mahmoud Altonoby

Establish registry of cerebral palsy in tanta egypt

Children Master 2016.



Abdalrahem Mahmoud Altonoby

Establish registry of cerebral palsy in Tanta Egypt

Children Master 2017.



Abdelaziz Abdelaziz Mohammed Elsherif

Quantitative Assessment of Shoulder Proprioception in Patients with Stroke

Neuromuscular Master 2015.



Abdelaziz Ali Abdelaziz

Effect of high frequency chest wall oscillation on pulmonary functionFollowing upper abdominal Surgeries

Surgery Master 2017.



Abdelgalil Allam Abdelgalil

Cervical Manipulation versus Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glides in Patients with Mechanical Neck Pain

Musculoskeletal Doctoral 2015.



AbdElhadySamy Abu Mandour.

Efficacy Of Phonophoresis With Corticosteroids On Bell’s Palsy Patients.

Neuromuscular Master 2019.


Abdelhalim Z. Nada.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Combined with Ponseti Method for Correction of Idiopathic Clubfoot

Musculoskeletal Doctoral 2013.



Abdelhameed Fathi Abdelhameed

Effect of Correction of Knee Flexion Deformity on SpinoPelvic Parameters in Knee Osteoarthritis

Musculoskeletal Master 2017.



Abdelraheem Ahmed Ahmed Mousa.

The use of Trunk Impairment Scale For Prediction of Functional Outcome Among Stroke Patients In Gaza Strip.

Neuromuscular Master 2011.



Abdelrahman Agamy Hassanagamy.

Control Of Tuberculosis Growth And Activity By Electromagnetic Impulses At Resonance Frequency.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2019.


Abd-Elrahman Ahmed Abd-Elhafeez.

Effect of the leg rotation control splint on rotational gait pattern in children with hemiplegia.

Children Master 2021.


Abdelrahman Salah Abdellah.

Effect of intradialytic cycling exercise on C-reactive protein for patients with chronic kidney disease.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2020.


Abdelrazak Abdelnaiem Ahmed mahmoud

Urodynamic Effect of Transcutaneous Electrical Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation in Overactive Bladder after Partial Spinal Cord Injury.

Neuromuscular Master 2014.



Abdelrhman Ismail Abdelghany

Relationship between postural changes and dynamic balance in forward head posture students

Basic Science Doctoral 2016.



Abdelrhman Ismail Abdelghany.

Correlation Between Cobb’s Angle and Three Dimensional Posture Changes In Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis.

Basic Science Master 2012.



Abdelrzak abdelnaeim ahmed Mahmoud.

Effect Of Low Intenisity Extracorporeal Shock Waves Therapy On Erectile Dysfunction In Patients With Diabetic Polyneuropathy.

Neuromuscular Doctoral 2020.


Abdin Mazroua.

Historical review of physical therapy for osteoporosis in geriatrics.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2007.


Abdul Monem Elsayed Elsayed Yousef.

Effects of perineal electrical stimulation versus laser puncture on chronic non-bacterial prostatitis and pelvic floor tension myalgia.

Surgery Doctoral 2012.



Abdul Monem El-Sayed Yousif.

Effect of Para-Incisional and Zusanli Point Electrical Stimulation on Pain Medication Requirements in Post Inguinal Herniorraphy.

Surgery Master 2006.


Abdul Rahman Taha Al Ahmad.

Relationship between kinematic gait analysis and Lysholm knee scale after arthroscopic partial meniscectomy.

Musculoskeletal Master 2008.


Abdullah Osama Abdullah Atta

Influence of total knee replacement on screw home mechanism

Basic Science Master 2015.



Abdulmonam A. Adeeb.

Prognostic value of recovery phase of cardiopulmonary exercise test in Heart failure patients.

Basic Science Master 2012.



Abdulrahman Ahmad Mohieldien Abdulfattah

Role of intrinsic postural trunk muscles in core stability during standing to sitting in post-stroke patients

Neuromuscular Master 2016.



Abeer Abd Al Rahman Mohamed.

Effect of Pulse Configuration of Induced Current on Sciatic Nerve Regeneration.

Basic Science Doctoral 2005.



Abeer Abd Alrhman Mahamed.

Effect of lidocaine phonophoresis on motoneuron excitability in normal subjects.

Basic Science Master 2000.



Abeer Abd El Fttah Ali Khaleel.

Effect of Gender on Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebral Curvatures and Flexibility in Normal Subjects.

Basic Science Master 2009.


Abeer Abd Rabo Mohamed.

Influence  of  Sensory disturbance on balance in patients with diabetic polyneuropathy.

Neuromuscular Master 2013.



Abeer Abdel Fttah

Effect of Body Physique on Postural Parameters in Healthy Subjects

Basic Science Doctoral 2014.



Abeer Abdel moghney Mohamed Mohamed.

Effect of cognitive training on gait in multiple sclerosis patients.

Neuromuscular Master 2018.


Abeer Abo Bakr El Wishy.

Tens versus air splint pressure in cerebral and spinal spasticity.

Neuromuscular Doctoral 2001.



Abeer Abo Bakr Elwaishy.

Effect of tens on blood catecholaminae levels in post laminectomy  patients.

Neuromuscular Master 1995.



Abeer Ahmed Abdel Hamed.

Effect of inspiratory muscles training on functional capacity in patients with chronic heart failure.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2007.



Abeer Ahmed Abdel-Hamed Fargaly.

Constant versus incremental work rate cardiopulmonary exercises test in evaluation of functional capacity of Egyptian physical therapy students.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2002.


Abeer Ahmed Mohamed Kamal

Resistive exercises versus aerobic exercises on quality of life in prostate cancer patients undergoing androgen suppression therapy

Surgery Master 2017.



Abeer Ali Ahmed Mansour

Effect of foot reflexology on premenstrual syndrome.

Gynaecology Master 2019.



Abeer Ali Mohamed El Okl.

Reliability of Saline and Dental Impression Material Techniques to Measure Pressure sores Volume.

Surgery Master 2006.


Abeer Awad Mahmoud Awad.

Effect of moderate aerobic exercises on kidney function in chronic kidney disease patients. 

Cardiopulmonary Master 2014.



Abeer Ezzat Hakeem.

Influence of different intensity of exercise on lipid per oxidation.

Basic Science Master 2006.


Abeer Farag Hanafy Hassan

Effect of Knee Taping on Quadriceps Muscle Performance in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis

Biomechanics Doctoral 2014.



Abeer Farag Hanafy.

Assessment Of Summated Extension Moment Of Lower Limbs Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction/

Biomechanics Master 2010.



Abeer Mahmoud Yousef.

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation versus neuromuscular training on balance in knee osteoarthritis.

Basic Science Doctoral 2012.



Abeer Mahmoud Yussuf.

Relationship between Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Amplitude and Muscle Soreness.

Basic Science Master 2006.


Abeer Mohamed EI Sayed EI Deeb.

Analysis of gait in the different trimesters of normal pregnancy.

Gynaecology Master 2004.


Abeer Mohamed El Sayed El Deeb.

Effect of whole body vibration on walking pattern of postmenopausal osteopenic women.

Gynaecology Doctoral 2009.



Abeer Nooreldeen Saleh Abdalla

Impact of Exercise Training on Blood Clotting Time in Smokers

Cardiopulmonary Master 2015.



Abeer Ramadan Ibrahim Mohamed.

Effect of sensorymotor training on balance in subjects with functional ankle instability.

Basic Science Doctoral 2011.



Abeer Ramadan Ibrahim.

Influence of hip rotation angles on myoelectric activity of vastus medialis oblique during straight leg raising.

Basic Science Master 2007.


Abeer Taha Ali.

Ventilatory functions response to respiratory exercises program in workers of tourah cement factory.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2002.



Abeer Taha Ali.

Assessment of cardiac axis in stroke hemiplegic patients ( in early stage ).

Cardiopulmonary Master 1997.



AbeerAbdRabo Mohamed

Effect of Constraint Induced Techniques on Cortical Activity And Functional Outcome of Upper Extremity In Stroke Patients

Neuromuscular Doctoral 2019.



Abla Mohamed Hamed Saleh.

Effect of some selected physical therapy modalities versus bracing on pulmonary functions in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

Cardiopulmonary Master 1997.



Abla Mohamed Hamed.

Outcomes pulmonary rehabilitation on pulmonary functions after spinal surgical correction of adolescent scoliosis.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2002.




AboAlyazid Mohamed Abo Alyazid Ramadan.

Outcome Measures Of Quality Of Life Using Inspiratory Muscles Trainer in Congestive Heart Failure Patients. 

Cardiopulmonary Master 2012.



Abu El-Yased ahmed Mohamed Said.

The effect of mechanical and physical factors on control of burn scars and contracture.

Surgery Master 1980.



Adel Abd El-Hamid Nossier.

Efficiency-assessment of selected gait parameters in some musculoskeletal disorders.

Musculoskeletal Master 1985.



Adel Abd El-Hamid Nossier.

Walking efficiency of selected cases of musculoskeletal disorders   of hip joint.

Musculoskeletal Doctoral 1991.



Adel Abd El-Malak Saad.

Cervical traction in flexed neck position for relieving pain of   foraminal compression syndrome.

Neuromuscular Master 1986.



Adel Ahmad Hassan Ahmad Al-Geoshy

Effect of Repetitive Arm Cycling on Gross Motor Activity in Stroke Patients

Neuromuscular Doctoral 2016.



Adel Ahmad Hassan Emad EI Geoshy.

Comparison of Ground Reaction Force between Normal Subjects and Parkinsonian Patients.

Neuromuscular Master 2006.


Adel Mohamed Ibrahim

Influence of Body Mass Index in Lumbar Proprioception in Adult Subjects

Basic Science Master 2018.



Adel Motawea Elsayed Zedan

Efficacy Of Cervical Stability Exercises In Treating Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Musculoskeletal Master 2018.



Adel Rashad Ahmed.

Influence of voluntary movements on motor neuron excitability in spastic subjects.

Neuromuscular Master 1995.



Adel Rashad Ahmed.

Nerve tension mobilization versus active exercises in lumbar radiculopathy.

Basic Science Doctoral 1999.



Adham Ali Fouad Seri Mohamed

Combined Cervical Headache Snag With Cervical Snag Half Rotation Techniquies On Cervicogenic Headache Patients

Neuromuscular Master 2018.



Adly Aly Heider Sabbour.

Transvaginal electrical stimulation versus vaginal cones in female idiopathic detrusor instability.

Gynaecology doctoral 2001.



Adly Aly Heider Sabbour.

Low level laser therapy in relation to primary dysmenorrhoea.

Gynaecology Master 1996.



Adnan Abd ElKhalik AtwaGharib.

Effect of Cold Laser versus Laser Puncture on Post Cervical Laminoplasty Syndrome.

Musculoskeletal Master 2019.


Afaf Ahmed Mohamed Shaheen.

Effect of electromagnetic field on mammalian blood.

Basic Science Master 2001.


Afaf Ahmed Mohamed Shaheen.

Influence of Designed Resonance Electromagnetic Impulses on Skeletal Muscles Regeneration.

Basic Science Doctoral 2005.



Afaf Mohamad Mahmoud.

Effect of post-operative pelvic floor exercises program for  female stress urinary  incontinence.

Gynaecology Master 2009.


Afaf Mohamed Mahmoud

Effectiveness of Muscle Energy Technique in Treating Postnatal Low Back Pain

Gynaecology Doctoral 2014.



Afaf Mohamed Omar

Flexibility and Strength Deficits in Chronic Ankle Instability

Musculoskeletal Master 2017.



Afkar Zaki Abdallah El-Banouby

Effect of Low level laser therapy on Hypertrophic scar post burn (A Systematic Review).

Surgery Master 2016.



Afnan Mohamed R. EL- Demerdash.

Neural Mobilizationon Post-Operative Discectomy.

Basic Science Master 2016.



Afnan Sedky Adly

 Laser Therapy Versus Reflexology in Elderly with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Cardiopulmonary Master 2017.



Ahmad Hamad Khalil.

Influence of abdominal fat lipolysis on hypercholesterolemia in obese women.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2012.



Ahmad Mahdi Ahmad

The Fibrinolytic Response to Interval Versus Continuous Treadmill Training in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2014.



Ahmad Mahdi Ahmad.

Effect of aerobic versus resistive exercises on energy expenditure in sedentary males.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2010.



Ahmad Mohammad Fawzy Tawfiq.

Relationship between rotator cuff and hand grip strength in shoulder tendinopathy.

Musculoskeletal Master 2020.


Ahmad Mohammad Omran

Impact Of Different Aerobic Exercise Intensities On Serum Cortisol Level In Overweight Adult

Cardiopulmonary Master 2016.


Ahmed  M.  Tawfik.

Effectiveness Of Kineso Taping Versus Deep Friction Massage On Post Burn Hypertrophic Scar.

Surgery Master 2019.


Ahmed Abd Allah Mohamed Rady

Glycopyrrolate Iontophoresis versus Tap Water Iontophoresis in the Treatment of Palmar Hyperhidrosis

Surgery Master 2016.



Ahmed Abd El Hady Gad.

Pulsed Magnetic Field Versus low level laser therapy in treatment of knee OA.

Basic Science Master 2009.


Ahmed Abd El Hamied Mohamed Narouz.

Effect of High Voltage Galvanic Current Versus Intermittent Compression Therapy on Reduction of Hand Edema in Diabetic Stroke Patients.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2006.


Ahmed Abd El Momen El Shehawy.

Effect of Exercise training on the psychological state of obese Persons.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2008.


Ahmed Abd El Moniem Ibrahiem.

Effect of Manual Hyperinflation on Selected Arterial Blood Gases In Mechanically Ventilated Patients.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2009.


Ahmed Abd ElAziz Olama.

The role of therapeutic exercises after knee arthroplasty : systematic review.

Musculoskeletal Master 2013.



Ahmed Abd El-Momen Mohamed Elshehawy

Effect of exercise on polycystic ovary with diabesity females.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2014.



Ahmed Abd El-Monem Abd El-Hakim.

Pulsed Magnetic Field versus Ultrasound in Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Basic Science Master 2013.



Ahmed Abd Elmonem Ibrahim Ahmed

Underwater exercises versus land-based exercises in treatment of Erb's palsy

Children Master 2016.



Ahmed Abd Elmoniem Ibrahiem.

Response of Mechanically Ventilated Respiratory Failure Patients To Respiratory Muscles Training.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2013.



Ahmed Abdallah Hassanien

Efficacy of Laser and Iontophoresis in Management of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Basic Science Master 2015.



Ahmed Abdel Raoof  Abdel Miged Allam.

Effect Of Inclined Squat Position On The Lower Limb Muscles Neuromuscular Activity In Normal Children.

Children Master 2020.


Ahmed Abdelfatah Awad Ahmed Elshikh

Laser Puncture versus Microcurrent Electrical Stimulation on Post-Operative Pudendal Neuralgia

Surgery Master 2016.



Ahmed Abd-elhafezShehab-eldein

Relation Between Findings Of Nerve Conduction Study And Hand Function In Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Neuromuscular Master 2017.



Ahmed Abdo Abd elhamid Elkady

Efficacy of Silver Sulfadiazine Iontophoresis on Wound Healing in Burn Patients

Surgery Master 2015.



Ahmed Abdullah Abdelrazek

Efficacy of Aerobic Exercises and Natural Extract on Tumor Necrosis Factor (α) in Women with Metabolic Syndrome

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2016.


Ahmed Abdul-Moneem Mohamed Fahmy.

Efficacy of Shockwave Therapy Versus Therapeutic Exercises On Pain And Dynamic Balance In Patients With Plantar Fasciitis.

Musculoskeletal Master 2019.


Ahmed Aboul Fotouh El Sayed Abd Allah

Effect of mobilization in prone traction on cervical disc bulge.

Basic Science Master 2015.



Ahmed Aboul Fotouh Elsayed Abdallah.

Prone versus supine traction in treatment of cervical disc bulge.

Basic Science Doctoral 2020.


Ahmed Adel Abd Elhamed Mannaa.

The relationship between physical performance and some selected cardiopulmonary parameters on football players.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2012.



Ahmed Adel Ali Hamdi Morsi

Body Composition Response to Selected Physical Therapy Program in Renal Transplant Patients

Surgery Master 2015.



Ahmed Ahmed Basheer.

Relationship Between Hip Muscle Strength And Three Dimensional Kinematics In Subjects With And Without Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome.

Musculoskeletal Master 2013.



Ahmed Ahmed Basheer.

Relationship between X-ray findings of knee osteoarthritis and foot posture.

Musculoskeletal Doctoral 2019.


Ahmed Ali Mohamed Torad.

Electroneurographic response to cupping combined with neural mobilization in Patients with discogenic sciatica.

Basic Science Doctoral 2020.


Ahmed Ali Mohammed Torad.

Validity And Reliability Of The Arabic Version Of Koos-Physical Function Short Form In Knee Osteoarthritic Patients.

Basic Science Master 2015.



Ahmed Ali Zahr-Eldin

Effect of Kinesio Taping on Hand Function in Children with Spastic Hemiparetic Cerebral Palsy

Children Master 2018.



Ahmed Anas Abd Al Raheem

Primary Versus Accessory Respiratory Muscles pressure Response to Kinesio Tape in Normal Subjects

Cardiopulmonary Master 2018.



Ahmed Anwar Mohamed Elzalabany.

Mirror Neuron Applications on Motor Recovery in Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis: A Systematic Review.

Neuromuscular Master 2018.


Ahmed Aref Ahmed Hussein

Cell proliferation marker response to estrogen iontophoresis in treatment of chronic lower limb ulceration

Surgery Doctoral 2017.



Ahmed Aref Ahmed.

Serological response and polymerase chain reaction to polarized light in orofacial herpes simplex lesions.

Surgery Master 2012.



Ahmed Assem Abd El Rahim.

Effect of aerobics exercise on patient with anxiety disorder.

Basic Science Master 2013.



Ahmed AssemAbd El Rahim

Cupping therapy versus interferential cupping therapy on mechanical low back pain

Basic Science Doctoral 2017.



Ahmed Atteia Elbalouky.

Efficacy of mulligan technique on functional outcome of frozen shoulder.

Basic Science Master 2013.



Ahmed Atteya Ashour

Effect of Shoulder-Elbow Joints Positions on Hand Grip Strength and EMG Activities of Wrist Muscles in Normal Subjects

Biomechanics Doctoral 2014.



Ahmed Atteya Mohamed Abdelghany Ashour.

Effect of Hand Anthropometry on Grip Strength in Normal Subjects.

Biomechanics Master 2009.


Ahmed Attia Ramadan Ali

Effect of Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Therapy on Spasticity in Stroke Patients

Neuromuscular Master 2014.



Ahmed Barakat Bekheet

Low Level Laser Therapy Versus Median Nerve Mobilization After Carpal Tunnel Release

Musculoskeletal Doctoral 2015.



Ahmed Barakat Bekheet.

The efficacy of laser therapy combined with early therapeutic exercises versus conventional therapeutic exercises after hand flexor repair.

Musculoskeletal Master 2008.


Ahmed Basyouny Sayed Hassan

Acute Effect of Transcutaneous Electrical Diaphragmatic Stimulation on Ventilatory Functions in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Cardiopulmonary Master 2016.


Ahmed Bayuomy Ibrahim

 Incidence of low back pain among Al-Gharbia traffic policemen

Basic Science Master 2016.



Ahmed Ebrahim Elerian.

Effect of Low Intensity ultrasonic on Ehrlich Solid Tumor in Vivo.

Basic Science Doctoral 2010.



Ahmed Eid Mohamed.

Systematic Review: Effects of botulinum toxin type A on motor functions of lower limbs in  children with cerebral palsy. 

Children Master 2013.



Ahmed El Prince Mohamed.

The prevalence of low back pain among policemen in great Cairo.

Musculoskeletal Master 2008.


Ahmed Elhamy Mosad Koshek

Effect of  Exercise Program on Acromiohumeral Distance in Subacromial impingement syndrome

Musculoskeletal Master 2016.



Ahmed Elsayed Shehab Hamoud.

Efficacy of polarized light versus pulsed electromagnetic field on pressure Ulcer.

Surgery Master 2019.


Ahmed Fahim Abd El-Aziz Fahmy

Validity and Reliability of Arabic Version of Mcgill Pain Questionnaire to Assess Pain after Liver Resection

Surgery Master 2016.



Ahmed farouk elsayed mohamed

Effect of snags mulligan technique on chronic cervical radiculopathy

Basic Science Master 2017.



Ahmed Fathi Elgendy

Influence of Mulligan exercise in treatment of patients with cervical radiculopathy

Neuromuscular Master 2014.



Ahmed Fathy Abd El Rahman Samhan.

Efficacy of biofeedback exercises of the pelvic-floor muscles in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Surgery Master 2005.


Ahmed Fathy Abd El-Rahman Samhan.

Efficacy of Pelvic-Floor Muscles Re-Education Program in Post-Micturition Dribble and Premature Ejaculation Control in Patients with Erectile Dysfunction.

Surgery Doctoral 2009.



Ahmed Fathy Awd

Correlation between spasticity, scoliosis and ventilatory function in hemiplegic children

Children Master 2017.



Ahmed Fawzy Baiomy Elhalawaty

Correlation Between Knee Frontal Plane Projection Angle and Isometric Hip Abductors and External Rotators Strength During Functional Activities

Musculoskeletal Master 2015.



Ahmed Fawzy Baiomy Elhalawaty.

Predictors of Frontal Plane Knee Excursion During Functional Weight Bearing Tasks in Young Athletes.

Musculoskeletal Doctoral 2019.


Ahmed fekry Ibrahim salman

Association between types of cerebral palsy and secondary disorders

Children Master 2017.



Ahmed fekry Ibrahim salman

Association between types of cerebral palsy and secondary disorders

Children Master 2017.



Ahmed Gaber EL Nahry.

Efficacy of Selected Traidmill Training Program on Oxidative Stress in Adolescent Patients with Down syndrome.

Children Master 2011.



Ahmed Gaber EL-Nahry

Role of Zinc supplementation on metallothionine system and and cognitive motor performance in children with autism

Children Doctoral 2017.



Ahmed Galaleldeen Tawfik

Kinesiotape Versus Myofascial Release in Patients with Chondromalacia Patellae

Musculoskeletal Master 2015.



 Ahmed Gamal Abd El-Monaim

Aerobic exercises versus reflexology on plasma proteins' levels in chronic kidney disease patients

Cardiopulmonary Master 2016.


Ahmed Gehad Elasaal

Effect of Low Intensity Laser and Miconazole Gel on Oral Mucositis in Neck Cancer Patients Receiving Radiotherapy

Surgery Master 2015.



Ahmed Hamad.

Effect of weight reduction on ventilatory function in obese women.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2007.


Ahmed Hamdi Abd El Aziz

Effect of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field On Primary Dysmenorrhea

Gynaecology Master 2017.



Ahmed HamdyTaha Mohamed.

Effect of resistance training exercise program during androgen deprivation therapy in prostate cancer patients.

Surgery Master 2019.


Ahmed Hares Al-Sayed Mostafa

Gans repositioning maneuver with and without postmaneuver restrictions in treatment of benign paroxismal positional vertigo

Neuromuscular Master 2013.



Ahmed Hassan Amin Mohamed

Effect of the auricular electrical stimulation on pain and mobility index in burn injuries

Surgery Master 2014.



Ahmed Hassan Mohamed Salem.

Effect Of Seated Break Time On Prolonged Standing Low Back Pain Developers

Basic Science Master 2020.



Ahmed Hussein El Dessouky El kharsawy

Effect Of Acapella Device On Acute Exacerbation Of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases Patients

Cardiopulmonary Master 2015.



Ahmed Hussein Mashaal

Effect of vestibular stimulation on balance in obese children

Children Doctoral 2017.



Ahmed Hussien Abdel Motal Ali.

Validity and Reliability of Arabic Version of Kujala to Measure Patellofemoral Pain.

Basic Science Master 2019.



Ahmed Hussien Mohammed Abo Bakr.

Efficacy of polarity reversal of micro current electrical stimulation on morphological changes after tendon suture.

Basic Science Master 2011.



Ahmed Hussien Mustafa Mashaal

Effect of active physical therapy program on bone mineral denisty in children receiving antiepileptic drugs.

Children Master 2010.



Ahmed Ibrahem Abd Alhamied El-dabbour

Survey study: incidence of breast cancer associated lymphatic edema in El-monofeyagovernorate

Surgery Master 2018.



Ahmed Ibrahem Fayed

Effect of progression from hydrotherapy to land-based exercise on balance in children with cerebral palsy

Children Master 2017.



Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed El Erian.

Validity and Reliability of A Modified electrogoniometer for Measuring Knee, Joint Range of Motion.

Basic Science Master 2006.


Ahmed Ibrahim El Hassanin.

Effect of ozone therapy versus electro acupuncture on adult obese subjects.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2007.


Ahmed Ibrahim Ibrahim Ouda.

Splinting as a therapeutic procedures to improve walking pattern  in spastic diplegic children.

Children Master 1994.



Ahmed Kamal Zaki.

Hazards affecting traffic soldiers during the military service.

Cardiopulmonary Master 1995.



Ahmed Khalil Ali Ibrahim.

Pulsed versus continuous ultrasonic therapy in rat's burn healing.

Surgery Master 1999.



Ahmed Khalil Khalil Abo Elata Mousa

Influence of Lower Limb Constraint Induced Therapy on Gait Parameters in Stroke Patients

Neuromuscular Master 2016.



Ahmed M. Azzam.

Efficacy of Dynamic Postural Stability on Modulation of Motor Neuron Excitability in Hemiparetic Cerebral Palsied Children.

Children Doctoral 2008.



Ahmed Magdy Ahmed Salah.

Effect Of Aquatic Therpay On Motor Function In Children With Cerebral Palsy: Systematic Review. 

Children Master 2018.



Ahmed Magdy Metwally Abd Al Hamid

Effect of Task Oriented Training on Postural Stability in Patients with Type (II) Diabetic Neuropathy

Neuromuscular Master 2016.



Ahmed Magdy Metwally Abd Al Hamid.

Effect Of High Tone Power Therapy On Neurophysiological Measures And Function Outcome In Patients With Diabetic Neuropathy.

Neuromuscular Doctoral 2021.


Ahmed Maher Mohamed Gabr.

Effect  of  Faradic Stimulation with Modified Denis Brown Splint in Treatment of Clubfoot.

Children Master 2006.


Ahmed Maher Mohammed Gabr.

Effect of intensive reactive balance training on selective locomotor parameters in spastic children.

Children Doctoral 2010.



Ahmed Maher Saad El-Den Helal

Effect of Whole Body Vibration on Bone Density in Children with Spastic Diplegia

Children Master 2015.



Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud

Influence of magnetic field therapy on calcium cascade

Basic Science Master 2014.



Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud.

Influence of magnetic field therapy on calcium cascade.

Basic Science Master 2013.



Ahmed Mahmoud Ali Gabr Zarra

Early intervention of ultrasound and active mobilization post surgical repair of hand flexor tendon laceration

Surgery Master 2018.



Ahmed Mahmoud Gad

The  Effectiveness  of  Strengthening  of Hip  Extensors  and  Ankle  Plantar Flexors In Early Post Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Musculoskeletal Master 2018.


Ahmed Mahmoud Hamed Hasnin.

The relationship between age, gender and core stability in cervicogenic headache.

Musculoskeletal Master 2018.


Ahmed Mahmoud Hassan El-Mekkawey

The effect of balance training on balance in hemiparetic patients.

Basic Science Master 2015.



Ahmed Mahmoud Kadry.

Corticosteroids Iontophoresisi versus Phonophoresis in Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis.

Surgery Master 2012.



Ahmed Mahmoud Kadry.

Pulsed Radio Frequency Energy in Treatment of Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers in The Lower Limb.

Surgery Doctoral 2016.



Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed Berry.

Influence of computer use on muscular performance of shoulder in normal male subjects.

Basic Science Master 2011.



Ahmed Mahmoud Moustafa Moustafa.

Mulligan Technique Versus Muscle Energy Technique In Patients With Cervicogenic Headache.

Neuromuscular Master 2019.


Ahmed Mahmoud Nasr Tolba

Manual ischemic compression on quadriceps trigger points in anterior knee pain syndrome

Basic Science Master 2015.



Ahmed Mahmoud Nasr Tolba.

Effect of Low Level Laser Therapy on Knee Range of Motion and Functional Abilities after Total Knee Arthroplasty.

Basic Science Doctoral 2021.


Ahmed Mahrous El-Sayed Mohamed.

Effect Of Using Adaptive Swiss Ball On Hand Function In Children With Hemiparesis.

Children Master 2019.


Ahmed Makram Hassan Ali Shahein.

Effect of Therapeutic Ultrasound Augmented by Sacro-Iliac Belt and Core Strengthening Exercises on Sacro-Iliac Joint Pain After Delivery.

Gynaecology Doctoral 2021.


Ahmed Makram Hassan Shahein

Effect of Electro acupuncture on Functional Performance and Low Back Pain during Pregnancy

Gynaecology Master 2016.



Ahmed Mamdoh Mohamed Abdel Kader.

Efficacy of laser versus ozone therapy on chronic ulcerations of lower limb.

Surgery Master 2008.


Ahmed Mamdouh Mohamed Abd Al-Kader

Efficacy of Polarized Light Versus Gallium-Arsenide Laser in Treatment Of Pressure Ulcers

Surgery Doctoral 2015.



Ahmed Massoud Abdulla.

Obesity increases risks of complications during and after abdominal surgeries (A literature review).

Cardiopulmonary Master 2011.



Ahmed Metwally El Shinnawy.

Moment changes of lower limb during gait in stroke patients.

Neuromuscular Master 2008.


Ahmed Metwally El-Shinnawy

Specific Sensory Motor Exercise Program Versus Task Specific Training On Balance In Stroke Patients

Surgery Doctoral 2015.



Ahmed Mohamad Mohamed El Mahdy.

Effect of exercise on complement system in obese females.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2007.


Ahmed Mohamed Abd El Fadiel Elewa

Microcurrent stimulation versus transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in cases of postoperative paralytic ileus.

Surgery Master 2014.



Ahmed Mohamed Abd El Fadiel Elewa Ahmed Sheri.

Effect Of Shock Wave On Post Burn Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

Surgery Doctoral 2020.


Ahmed Mohamed Abd El Rahman.

Isodose Distribution Curves of Selective Electro-therapy Instruments.

Basic Science Master 2006.


Ahmed Mohamed Abd El-Rahman.

Efficacy of Mulligan Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glide Mobilization in Patients with Chronic Mechanical Neck Pain.

Basic Science Doctoral 2012.



Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-halim El-Fahl.

Response of Abdominal Obesity in Men to Continuous Aerobic Versus High Intensity Interval Training.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2013.



Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Halim El-Fahl.

Aerobic Exercises Versus High Intensity Interval Training on Ventilatory Functions In Smoker students.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2019.


Ahmed Mohamed Aboelabbas

Forward Versus Backward Gait on Knee Performance in Normal Subjects

Basic Science Master 2016.



Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Mostafa

Physical Therapy Registry For Establishment of Cerebral Palsy In Sohag City

Children Master 2017.



Ahmed Mohamed Ali Ahmed.

Efficacy of denneroll traction on restoring normal sagittal configuration of lumbar spine in chronic mechanical low back pain.

Basic Science Master 2013.



Ahmed Mohamed Ali Elanany.

Efficacy Of Monochromatic Infrared Energy On Pressure Ulcer Healing.

Surgery Master 2019.


Ahmed Mohamed Asim Shady.

Relationship Between Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction And Lumbar Flexibility.

Musculoskeletal Master 2019.


Ahmed Mohamed Azzam.

Short width pulse stimulation in relation to spasticity control of hemiparetic cerebral palsy children.

Children Master 2002.


Ahmed Mohamed Badie

Effect Of Electro acupuncture On Serum Level Of  Leptin Hormone   In women with Diabesity

Cardiopulmonary Master 2017.



Ahmed Mohamed El Sayed Ahmed

Association of Quadriceps Torque with Lower Extremity Dysfunction in Patients with Early Degrees of Knee Osteoarthritis

Musculoskeletal Master 2015.



Ahmed Mohamed El-Kahky.

The effect of interfrential current stimulation versus ultrasound on temporomandibular joint pain.

Musculoskeletal Master 1992.



Ahmed Mohamed El-Said

Effect of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation combined with Physical Therapy on Hand Function of Stroke Patients

Neuromuscular Master 2014.



Ahmed Mohamed ELsayed Abu Sleem

Effect of Shockwave Therapy on Burn Healing

Surgery Master 2016.



Ahmed Mohamed Elsayed Elmelhat.

Efficacy of Cervicothoracic Mobilization on Shoulder Impingement Syndrome.

Musculoskeletal Doctoral 2019.


Ahmed Mohamed El-Sayed El-Nahhas.

Modulation of muscle tightness by manual stretching in children with spastic cerebral palsy (A Systematic Review).

Children Master 2011.



Ahmed Mohamed Elsayed Moustafa Elnahhas

Calf muscle strength and standing efficiency in children with spastic diplegia

Children Doctoral 2015.



Ahmed Mohamed Fathi El-Shiwi.

Shock wave therapy versus therapeutic exercises in treatment of shoulder impingement syndrome.

Musculoskeletal Doctoral 2010.



Ahmed Mohamed Fathy El Shewy.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Versus Traditional physical Therapy In The Treatment of Chronic Mechanical Low Back Pain.

Musculoskeletal Master 2006.


Ahmed Mohamed HegazyShakshouk

Quality level of clinical record for pediatric physiotherapy in teaching hospital”audit tool”.

Children Master 2018.



Ahmed Mohamed Kamal Galaleldin Kotb

Relationship Between Symmetrical Versus Asymmetrical Bilateral Knee Osteoarthritis And Lumbar Curvature

Basic Science Master 2018.



Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Abd El-Aziz

Effect of neuromuscular exercises on knee osteoarthritis after hyaluronic acid injection

Musculoskeletal Master 2018.



Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Abd El-Gawad

Effect of closed kinetic chain exercises on post menoupasal osteoprosis.

Gynaecology Master 2016.



Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Abdou.

Influence of bilateral flexible flat foot on weight bearing and non-weight bearing knee proprioception.

Basic Science Master 2020.



Ahmed Mohamed Moamen Abdel Hafiz Ghanem.

Response of Forced expiraoty Volume in one second to Flutter versus Active Cycle Breathing Technique in Bronchiectasis.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2013.



Ahmed Mohamed Mostafa Abo El Eneen.

Pulsed magnetic Field versus transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in treatment of low back dysfunction.

Basic Science Master 2008.


Ahmed Mohamed Mostafa Abo Eleneen.

Effect of Lumbar Paraspinal Muscle Fatigue on Knee Proprioception.

Basic Science Master 2012.



Ahmed Mohamed Naguib Abdel Sattar.

Role of intermittent cryotherapy on hamstring strain in young athletes.

Children Master 2012.



Ahmed Mohamed NaguibAbd El Fatah

Combined Effect of Functional Electrical Stimulation with Treadmill Training on Gait Parameter on Multiple Sclerosis Paraparesis

Neuromuscular Master 2017.



Ahmed Mohamed Nagy

Development of A Clinical Prediction Rule To Identify Efficacy of low level Laser Therapy On Abdominal Contouring In post bariatric surgeries

Surgery Doctoral 2018.



Ahmed Mohamed Nagy.

Development of A Clinical Prediction Rule To Identify Efficacy of Ultrasound cavitation on Abdominal Contouring In Preoperative Patients.

Surgery Master 2013.



Ahmed Mohamed Saad Ali

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program Versus Traditional Chest Physiotherapy for Weaning from Mechanical Ventilator

Cardiopulmonary Master 2014.



Ahmed Mohamed Saad Awad

Correlation Between Muscle Architecture Spasticity And Functional Abilities In Spastic Children 

Children Doctoral 2017.



Ahmed Mohamed Saad Awad.

Carrying Angle In Relation To Muscle strength In children With Erb's Palsy.

Children Master 2013.



Ahmed Mohamed Said Abou-Senna.

Effect of lumbar mobilization on muscle activity in patients with mechanical low back pain.

Basic Science Master 2013.



Ahmed Mohamed Sayed Mohamed

Effect of Cardiac Rehabilitation Program on Corrected QT Interval in Old Myocardial Infarction Patients

Cardiopulmonary Master 2015.



Ahmed Mohamed Shokr Hassan.

Sitting Control in Response to Electrical Stimulation in Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsied Children.

Children Master 2013.



Ahmed Mohammed Abd Elhady

Effect Of Adapalene Phonophoresis On Acne Vulgaris.

Surgery Master 2015.



Ahmed Mohammed AbdelRauf Mohammed

Effect of Early Mobilization and Routine Chest Physiotherapy on Pulmonary Functions Post Upper Abdominal Surgeries

Surgery Master 2017.



Ahmed Mohammed AbdelRauf Mohammed

Effect of Early Mobilization and Routine Chest Physiotherapy on Pulmonary Functions Post Upper Abdominal Surgeries

Surgery Master 2017.



Ahmed Mohammed Fouad Shoman

Effect of Low Level Laser Therapy on Wound Healing After Burn (A Systematic Review)

Surgery Master 2016.



Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed Ibrahim Elbeltagy

Validity and reliability of Arabic version of Copenhagen neck functional disability scale in patients with neck pain

Basic Science Master 2018.



Ahmed Mohmed Saeed Ali Elewa.

Measurement of Carrying Angle in Normal Child in Early Childhood.

Children Master 2010.



Ahmed Mohy Edeen Abdelatif.

Efficacy of weight bearing exercises on osteoporosis after thyroidectomy

Surgery Master 2013.



Ahmed Mokhtar Tawfick.

Pulsed Magnetic Field Versus Exercise on Osteoporosis in Elderly.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2007.


Ahmed Mokhtar Tawfick.

The efficacy of Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation versus aerobic exercise in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2013.



Ahmed Mosad Mansour.

Efficacy of polarized light versus pulsed ultrasound on healing of  the venous.

Surgery Master 2011.



Ahmed Mostafa Saad Sobh.

Chest Diameter Response to Inspiratory Muscle Training in Hepatic Ascitic Patients with Dyspnea.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2013.



Ahmed Mounir Salama Mohamed

Inspiratory Muscle Training Versus Slow Deep Breathing On Sympathetic Tone In Essential Hypertensive Patients

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2017.



Ahmed Mounir Salama Mohamed.

Impact of tongue exercises on moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2011.



Ahmed Moursi Ahmed Ibrahim.

Mulligan’s versus Maitland’s mobilization in treatment of diabetic frozen shoulder.

Musculoskeletal Master 2013.



Ahmed Moustafa El – Kayaty Mohamed

Effect of Different Intensity of Aerobic Exercise on Glycemic Control in Diabetic Obese Females.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2011.



Ahmed Moustafa El Kayaty Mohamed.

Low Carbohydrate versus low-fat diet combined with exercise training on young obese females.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2007.


Ahmed Omar Abdel-Naeem.

Effects of deep cervical flexors training on forward head posture.

Musculoskeletal Master 2013.



Ahmed Rageh Saber Ali

Comparitive Study Among Three Physical Therapy Programs Of Shoulder Impingment Syndrome In Bodybuilding Athelets.

Musculoskeletal Master 2019.


Ahmed Ramadan Zaki Baghdadi

 Effect of Strain Counterstrain Versus High Velocity Low Amplitude Thrust Manipulation On Clinical Outcomes In Acute Mechanical Low Back Pain

Musculoskeletal Doctoral 2018.



Ahmed Ramadan Zaki Baghdadi.

Balance and functional performance in patients undergoing cruciate retaining versus posterior stabilized total knee arthroplasty : Comparative study.

Musculoskeletal Master 2013.



Ahmed Reda Shaban Alsayed

Effect of low intensity Laser on  Severe Tinnitus in Idiopathic Sudden Hearing Loss Patients

Surgery Master 2016.



Ahmed Saad Ahmed Abd-Allah Shaban.

Effect of Virtual Reality on Primary Dysmenorrhea.

Gynaecology Doctoral 2020.


Ahmed saad Ahmed Abd-Allah Shaban:

Effect Of Isometric Hand Grip Exercise On Blood Pressure In Pre- eclampsia

Gynaecology Master 2016.



Ahmed Sabry Mohamed.

Abdominal skin thickness and circumference response to different treatment protocols in obese women.

Surgery Master 2011.



Ahmed Saeed Ahmed

Effect of pulsed electromagnetic field and low level laser therapy on Patients with vascular ulcer

Gynaecology Master 2016.



Ahmed Saeed Megahed Mohamed.

Low level laser therapy versus tripolar radiofrequency on abdominal adiposity after gastric banding.

Surgery Master 2013.



Ahmed Said Abd El -Wahed.

Effect Of Gans Maneuver On Postural Instability In Patients With Benign Positional Vertigo.

Basic Science Master 2014.



Ahmed Salah Abd Allah.

Effect of craniocervical flexion training and dynamic neck strengthening exercises in patients with chronic mechanical neck pain.

Musculoskeletal Master 2013.



Ahmed Salah Eldin Mahmud

Effect Of Polarized Light Therapy On Hair Regrowth In Alopecia

Surgery Master 2017.



Ahmed Salama Mostafa Elsheha

Effect of Electroacuapuncture on Post Sectional Incisional Pain After Cesarean Section

Gynaecology Master 2015.



Ahmed Salamah Yamani.

Isokinetic peak torque of elbow flexors and extensors at different shoulder joint positions in normal male individuals.

Biomechanics Master 2003.


Ahmed Salamah Yamani.

Gait and balance deviations following unilateral hip arthroplasty.

Biomechanics Doctoral 2008.



Ahmed Salim Mohamed.

Effect of Universal Exercise Unit on standing in spastic diplegia.

Children Master 2013.



Ahmed Salim Mohamed.

Universal Exercise Unit Versus Functional Resisted Training Effect On Muscle Strength In Spastic Diaplegia.

Children Doctoral 2020.


Ahmed Samir Abd El-Khalik

Association between forward head posture and sympathetic sudomotor outflow in asymptomatic subjects

Basic Science Master 2015.



Ahmed Samir Abd Elmonem Abd Elwahed.

Ultrasonographic Response To Different Treatment Protocols In Outer Female Thigh Adiposity.

Surgery Master 2013.



Ahmed Samir Ibrahim Abdel Fattah.

Effect of selected osteopathic lymphatic techniques on immune system in healthy subjects.

Basic Science Doctoral 2018.


Ahmed Samir Ibrahim Abdelfattah.

Strain Counter Strain Technique versus KinesioTape in Neck Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

Basic Science Master 2013.



Ahmed Samir Ibrahim Abdelfattah.

Effect of selected osteopathic lymphatic techniques on immune system in healthy subjects.

Basic Science Doctoral 2018.


Ahmed Samir Mohamed Fathy.

Effect of cervical stabilization exercises in treatment of chronic mechanical neck pain.

Musculoskeletal Master 2006.


Ahmed Sayed Ali Sayed

Lumbosacral mechanics as a predictor of low back dysfunction in subjects with central obesity

Children Master 2014.



Ahmed Sayed Ali Sayed.

Effect of core stabilization on spinopelvic parameters in lumbar disc degeneration.

Basic Science Doctoral 2021.


Ahmed Sayed Hassan Mohamed.

Effect of low intensity pulsed ultrasound on bone healing in diaphyseal femoral fracture in human.

Musculoskeletal Master 2013.



Ahmed Sayed Mahmoud Tolba.

Physical Therapy Registry for Establishment of Cerebral Palsy Children in Al-Fayoum Egypt.

Children Master 2019.


Ahmed Sayed Mohamed Ahmed

The impact of aerobic exercise intensity on the release of cardiac troponin i in obese adults.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2014.



Ahmed Sayed Mohamed.

Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Ventilatory functions in Smoking Adolescents.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2007.


Ahmed Shafek Abu El Makarem Shafea.

The Effect of H-Reflex Directed Physical Therapy on Acute And Chronic Discogenic Lumbosacral Radiculopathy.

Musculoskeletal Master 2018.


Ahmed Shawky Ali Salim

Effect of Aerobic  Exercises  on Immune System in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Neuromuscular Doctoral 2018.



Ahmed Shawky Ali Salim.

Efficacy of Transcranial Magnetic Therapy on Fatigue In Patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

Neuromuscular Master 2013.



Ahmed Shohta Shaaban El-Sayed.

Response of Treadmill Versus Cycling on Constipation In Non- Insulin Dependent Diabetic.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2012.



Ahmed Taha Farrag.

Influence of Base of Support and Load Knowledge on Trunk Mechanics During Lifting.

Basic Science Doctoral 2010.



Ahmed Taha Sayed Ahmed Farrag.

Reliability of reflective markers placement used for motion analysis.

Basic Science Master 2004.


Ahmed Wahbalha Sayed

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation versus microcurrent stimulation On post burn peroneal Nerve neuropathy

Surgery Master 2015.



Ahmed Younis Abo Serie.

Extracorporeal shock wave versus ultrasound wave therapy On venous ulcer.

Surgery Master 2019.


Ahmed Yousry Radwan.

Effect of heat on the mechanical strain of connective tissue proper.

Biomechanics Master 2003.


Ahmed Yousry Radwan.

Mechanical Compensations of Lower Extremity Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Using Autogenic Hamstring Muscle Graft.

Biomechanics Doctoral 2008.



Ahmed Zakaria Elgendy

Effects of Aerobic Exercises on Immune  Parameters Following the Inguinal  Lymph nodes Dissection

Surgery Master 2014.



Aia M. Al Amrousy.

Use of lower limb prostheses among militery amputees.

Musculoskeletal Master 1995.



Aida Amir Nassif Naguib

Effect of kinesio tape on fatigue timing in lower back muscles in normal subjects

Basic Science Master 2014.



Aida Amir Nassif Naguib.

Neurophysiological and Biomechanical Effects of Spinal Mobilization with Arm Movement in Cervical Radiculopathy: Randomized Controlled Trial.

Basic Science Doctoral 2020.


AISayed Abdel-hamed Abdel-rahem Abo-Shnb.

Effect of exercise on macro and microcirculating blood flow in diabetic patients.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 1999.



Aisha Abd El Aziz E. Zahran.

Effects of therapeutic exercises on hypertensive patients.

Cardiopulmonary Master 1977.


Aisha Abd El-Monam Solieman Hagag.

Effect of pulsed ultrasonic therapy on diabetic foot ulcers.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2003.


Aisha Abdel-Monem Solieman.

Ozone Therapy Versus Low Intensity Laser Therapy Effect on Angiopathy in Diabetic Foot Ulcer.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2008.



Aisha Mahmoud Massoud.

Personality traits of patients in relation to effectiveness of physio-theraputic treatment.

Basic Science Master 1978.



Akram Abd El-Aziz Sayed.

Selected immunological effects of low level laser therapy in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2003.




Akram Abd El-Aziz Sayed.

Effect of breathing exercises clses on pulmonary function in insecticides spray workers.

Cardiopulmonary Master 1996.



Akram Ahmed Maher.

Efficacy of early versus late therapeutic intervention on the functional results after finger flexor tendon repair.

Surgery Master 2006.


Akram Fathy Abd EI Hamid.

Kinematics analysis of the knee joint during stance phase in patients with Torn anterior circulate ligament.

Musculoskeletal Master 2005.


Akram Fathy Abd El Hamed.

Effect of phonophoresis and thrapeutic exercises in treating of  anterior shoulder impingement syndrome.

Musculoskeletal Master 2000.



Akram Mohamed Abd Elfatah Aly.

Efficacy of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) on pain and range of motion (ROM) following or facial surgeries.

Surgery Master 2013.



Akram Mohamed Helmy Abdalla.

Effect of selected under water exercises on crouch gait in spastic diplegic children.

Children Master 2003.


Akram Mohamed Helmy Abdalla.

Effect of mechanical vestibular stimulation on back geometry and spinal mobility in spastic diplegic children.

Children Doctoral 2007.


Al Hassan Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed

Kinesio tape versus resisted training on quadriceps muscle strength for hemodialysis patients

Surgery Master 2015.



Al Hussein Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed

Effect of Weight Bearing Exercises on Osteoporosis after Renal Transplantation

Surgery Master 2015.



Al Sayed Abd El-hamed Abd El-Rahem Abo-Shanb.

Modulation of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol by exercise in normal individuals.

Cardiopulmonary Master 1995.



Al Shaimaa Mohamed GalaL

Effect of intradialytic aerobic exercise on patients with diabetic nephropathy

Basic Science Master 2017.



Al ShaymaaShaabanAbdelazeim.

Integrated Neuromuscular Inhibition Technique Versus Kinesiotape on Upper Trapezius Myofascial Trigger Points: ARandomized Clinical Trial.


Basic Science Doctoral 2019.



Al Shimaa Mokhtar Darwesh

Effect of osteopathic techniques on chronic constipation

Cardiopulmonary Master 2014.



Al Shimaa Shaaban Abdelazeim

Lidocaine phonophoresis versus progressive pressure release on upper trapezius myofascial trigger points

Basic Science Master 2015.



Alaa Abd Allah Sobhy Ali.

Dynamic versus static training for intermittent claudication in diabetic patient (type 2).

Cardiopulmonary Master 2013.



Alaa Abd El.Raheem Mohamad.

Effect of Age And Gender on Electromyographic Activity of Vastus Medialis Oblique Compared to Vastus Lateralis in Healthy Subject.

Basic Science Master 2012.



Alaa Abd El-Salam Mohamed Hassan.

Comparative study between the effects of both active and passive exercises on the circulating arterial natriuretic peptides in normal  individuals.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 1994.



Alaa Abd El-Salam Mohamed Hassen.

Comparative study between the effect of upper and lower limbs exercises and its relevants on blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

Cardiopulmonary Master 1989.



Alaa Abdullah Abd-almohsen

Role of kinesio-taping on ankle range of motion and locomotion in children with hemiparesis.,

Children Doctoral 2014.



Alaa Abo Srie Amin.

Effect of declophenac phonophoresis versus low level laser therapy on osteoarthritis knee.

Basic Science Master 2009.


Alaa Amr Ahmed Mohammed

Activation Pattern of Lower Extremity Muscles in Backward Versus Forward Walking in Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Biomechanics Master 2016.



Alaa Anwar Ahmed Mahmoud Amin

Efficacy   Of   Shock   Wave Therapy Versus Bipolar Radiofrequency On Cellulite In Women

Surgery Master 2014.



Alaa Anwar Ahmed.

Effect of Therabite Exercises versus Ketoprofen Phonophoresis on Tempromandibular Joint Pain and Trismus after Tonsillectomy.

Surgery Doctoral 2021.


Alaa El Dien Abdel Sattar Khaireldin.

Assessment of Dynamic Balance after Arthroscopic partial meniscectomy.

Musculoskeletal Master 2007.


Alaa El-din Abd El-Hakim Balbaa.

Comparative electromyographic study between bilateral straight leg raising and bilateral leg raising with knees bent on loading the  lumbar spine.

Musculoskeletal Master 1989.



Alaa Fahmy Hassan Al-Nemr

Correlation Between Cognitive And Motor Abilities In Children With Spastic Diplegia

Children Doctoral 2017.



Alaa Fahmy Hassan Al-Nemr.

Systematic Review: Bimanual Training For Children With Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy.

Children Master 2013.



Alaa Ibrahim Ismail.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation for evaluation and modulation of central motor pathway in hemiparetic cerebral palsied children.

Children Doctoral 2001.



Alaa Ibrahim Ismail.

Effect of weight bearing exercises on bone density in spastic cerebral palsied children.

Children Master 1996.



Alaa Ibrahim Mohammed Mohammed Elkady

Effect of core stability training on knee proprioception after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Musculoskeletal Master 2018.



Alaa Kamel Abu Elyazed Elsehly.

Effect of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation on Varicose Veins in Post-partum Women.

Women’s Health Master 2020.


Alaa Mohamed Asim Abdel Fatah Shadi.

The effect of two different doses of laser therapy in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis.

Musculoskeletal Master 2007.


Alaa Mohamed El-Moatasem Mohamed

Effect of high frequency chest wall oscillation on acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Cardiopulmonary Master 2015.



Alaa Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed.

Effect of Ideomotor Apraxia on Activities of Daily Living in Stroke Patient.

Neuromuscular Master 2012.



Alaa Mohamed Fattin

Passive Joint Mobilization and Kinesio-Taping in Knee Osteoarthritic Patients

Basic Science Master 2015.



Alaa Mohamed Hassan Al Qazzaz.

Detection of Motor Unit Potentials of Shoulder Retractors in Children with Rounded Back.

Children Master 2020.


Alaa Mohamed Naguib Ashry

 Flutter versus active cycle of breathing techniques on blood gases in COPD patients

Cardiopulmonary Master 2019.



Alaa Ramzy Morgan.

Central versus peripheral strategies in training of standing balance in spastic diplegic children.

Children Master 2007.


Alaa Ramzy Morgan.

Role of low level laser in modulation of knee hemoarthrosis .

Children Doctoral 2011.



Alaa Samir El-Said Mohamed.

Effect of fatigue on inversion position sense of ankle in volleyball female players.

Basic Science Master 2019.


Alaa Taha Habashy Hassan.

Effect of Relaxation Exercises Versus Foot Reflexology on Hypertension in Postmenopausal Women.

Women’s Health Master 2020.


Alaa Yousri Mahmoud Atia.

The Effects Of Cervical Muscle Fatigue On Neck Proprioception And Postural Stability.

Musculoskeletal Master 2020.


AlaaAbdelmonem Ahmed Hegazy.

Effect of Early Mobilization on Routine Chest Physiotherapy on Ventilatory Functions In Open Heart Surgery Patients.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2019.


Alaaeldin Abdelsattar Khaireldin

Effects of Open Versus Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises During Tibial Distraction Osteogenesis By Ilizarov's Method

Musculoskeletal Doctoral 2014.



AlaaGaber Mohamed Elmoslemany.

Relation between body mass index and iron deficiency anemia in adolescent females.

Women’s HealthMaster 2019.



Muscle Inhibition VersusFunctional Corrective Kinesio Taping On Ankle Function In Children With Spastic Cerebral Palsy

Children Master 2017.



Al-Hassan Mohamed Mortada Al-Maraghy

Effect of early neuromuscular training on knee proprioception after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Musculoskeletal Master 2018.



Ali Abd El Monsif Thabet.

Influence of Abdominal Muscles Exercises on the Function of the Pelvic Floor Muscles in Mild Stress Urinary Incontinence.

Gynaecology Doctoral 2006.


Ali Abd El-Monsif Thabet.

Efficacy of interferential current in the treatment of chthonic pelvic inflammatory disease.

Gynaecology Master 2002.


Ali Awad Ali El-Abd.

Evaluation of superficial heat effect in reducing hypertonia of lower limbs in spastic cerebral palsy children.

Children Master 1983.



Ali Darwish A. Saleh.

Comparative study on the effect of progressive resistive  exercises upon blood pressure and heart rate on athletic and non athletic subjects.

Basic Science Master 1977.



Ali Elmesery

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation versus pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in the treatment of levator ani syndrome

Surgery Master 2016.



Ali Essawy Ali Mostafa.

The efficacy of intermittent traction from different angles of neck flexion positions on cervical radiculopathy.

Neuromuscular Master 2012.



Ali Essawy Ali Mostafa.

Influence of selected designed paradigm in cervical radiculopathy.

Neuromuscular Doctoral 2020.


Ali Hassanin Mohamed Hasab Allah

[Effect of learn Basic Skills of Basketball].

Basic Science Master 1975.



Ali Mahmoud Taha.

Low intensity laser therapy in osteoarthritis.

Neuromuscular Doctoral 2003.


Ali Mahmoud Taha.

Incidence of affection of back and antigravity muscles in some selected cases of soft tissue knee injuries.

Musculoskeletal Master 1989.



Ali Mohamed Ali Ismail

Nitric oxide and masculinity functions response to aerobic exercise in Prediabetic visceral Obese men

Cardiopulmonary Master 2015.



Ali Mohamed Ali Ismail.

Hyposalivation response to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in diabetic type 2 patients.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2019.


Ali Mohamed Hassan.

Efficacy of Secondary Prevention on Quality of Life in Patients After Coronary Artery Bypass Graft.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2011.



Ali Mohammed Ali Hassan

Long Term Effect of Cardiac Rehabilitation Program on Patients with Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2016.


Ali Osman Ali Ali Selim.

Effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields on healing of infected burn wound in guinea pigs.

Surgery Master 2003.


Ali Osman Ali.

Efficacy of Pulsed Direct Current Versus Continuous Direct Current in Tap Water Iontophoresis in Treating Palmar Hyperhidrosis.

Surgery Doctoral 2008.



Alia Ahmed Abou Awad

Effect of Constraint Induced Movement Therapy on Gait Parameters of Hemiparetic Cerebral Palsied Children

Children Master 2014.



Aliaa Mohamed Ali El-abd

Efficacy of Kinesio Taping and Postural Correction Exercises on Mechanical Neck Dysfunction

Basic Science Master 2015.



Aliaa Mohamed Ali El-Abd.

Effect of Cervical Posture Correction And Lumbar Stabilization Exercises on Mechanical Low Back Pain.

Basic Science Doctoral 2020.


Aliaa Mohamed Rehan.

Effects of early closed kinetic chain exercises on the rate of callus formation dyring distraction osteogenesis by ilizarov's method.

Musculoskeletal Master 2002.


Almonur Hosin Alarefe.

Efficacy Of Electromagnetic Field Therapy On Meralgia Paresthetica Following Appendectomy.

Surgery Master 2014.



Alshaimaa Kadry Abd Elaal

Effects of Correcting Positional Faults of Distal Fibula in Chronic Ankle Sprain

Musculoskeletal Doctoral 2015.



Alshaymaa Abdeldaiem Mohamed.

Cross-Cultural Adaptation And Validation Of The Arabic Version Of The Core Outcome Measures Index In Patients With Low Back Pain.

Musculoskeletal Master 2020.


Alshimaa Kadry Abd Elaal.

Assessment of Hip Abductors Deficiency in the Recurrent Lateral Ankle Sprain.

Musculoskeletal Master 2009.


Alshimaa Ramadan Azab.

Effect of iontophoresis in management of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

Children Master 2007.


Alshimaa Ramadan Azab.

Assessment of back geometry in hemophilic children.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2011.



Altaher Mohamed Abd El Hamed

Efficacy of Helium Neon Laser Versus Narrowband Ultraviolet B in Treatment of Segmental Vitiligo

Surgery Master 2016.



Aly Ezz El-Dine Aly.

Energy Expenditure with Medial and Lateral Induced Patellar Taping.

Basic Science Master 2011.



Aly Saber Aly Elrashidy.

Response of abdominal fat to focused ultrasound in fatty liver patients.

Cardiopulmonary Master 2018.


Alyaa Abd Allah Atalla Zied.

Lipid profile response to elliptica training in obese women versus men. 

Cardiopulmonary Master 2013.



Alyaa Abdallah Altallah Ahmed Zeid.

Effect of elliptical trainer on lipid profile, oxidative stress indicators and antioxidant status in diabetic women type 2.

Cardiopulmonary Doctoral 2020.


Alyaa Attiah Mohamed Diaab.

Efficacy of pulsed short wave on ehrlich tumor growth on mice.

Basic Science Master 2002.


Alyaa Attiah Mohamed Diaab.

Influence of Extension Traction on Lumbar Configuration and Muscle Activity.

Basic Science Doctoral 2007.



Alzahraa Fekry Mohamed Saad Morshed.

Alteration of Cervical Proprioception in Postural Scoliosis.

Basic Science Master 2020.



Amal Abd El Moneim Mostafa.

Effect of prophylactic knee braces on knee joint stability.

Basic Science Master 2012.



Amal Abd El Rahman Mohamed Abd El Rahman.

Myoelectric Activity of Neck Extensors with the Change of the Angle of Writing Arm Support during Sitting.

Biomechanics Master 2005.


Amal Abd El Rahman Mohamed El Borady.

Ground Reaction Force and Foot Pressure Changes with Different Floor Materials during Barefoot and Shod Walking.

Biomechanics Doctoral 2011.



Amal Abdelwahab Youssef Abdelwahab

Kinematic analysis of kicking movement in pre term and full term infants

Children Master 2015.



Amal Ahmed Mohamed Morsi Abdel Baky.

Immediate Effect of Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glide On Balance And Pain In Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain.

Basic Science Master 2019.



Amal Ahmed Shamlan.

An evaluation of physical therapy services in dubai.

Musculoskeletal Master 1998.



Amal Amgad Mohammmed Elkholy

Efficacy of foot reflexology on selected stress hormone in obese females

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Amal El Sayed H. Abd El Karim.

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