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Effect of Behavioral Modification in Conjunction with Exercise Induced Weight Loss on Lower Urinary Tract Function in Obese Women

Amel M. Youssef Omaima M. Kattabei and Awny F. Rahmy




Functional Re-education after Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy in Diplegic Cerebral Palsied Children

Khaled A. Mamdouh, Eman 1. EI-Hadidyand Faten H. Abdel Aziz




Blood Glucose Level After Administration of Glucocorticoids Via Physical Means


Sal1lir, A. Sabbahi,  and Hesham Ezzat


29 Problem of Drooling in Cerebral Palsy: Physical Therapy Approach

 Eman EL-Hadidy and Moshira Darwish



Human Interaction with Car Seat: As A Predisposing Factor to Low Back Pain


Nadia Fayaz and Mostafa H. Gad




Motor Function in Relation to Activities of Daily Living Measurements in Stroke Patients

Wadida H.A. El-Sayed, P.T.D




57 Lumbar Disc Herniation with Radiculopathy: A Prospective Study of the Functional Outcome with Physical Therapy Management.

 Magdy A. Arara and Mohamed K. Goda


Ultrasound Therapy for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Salwa F. Alxl E1Mageed



Significance of the Electromyographic Biofeedback with Cervical Traction in Cervical Radiculopathy


AhdulAlim A. Atteya Magdy A. Arara and H.A. Shaker




Effect of Electroacupuncture Cunent Modulation in Chronic Mechanical Low Back Pain


Maher A. El Keblawy waraa H. Borhan Fatma Sedik and Omar Tawfik




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Bull. Fac. Ph. Th. Cairo Univ.,

Vol. 3, No. (2) July. 1998

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