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Effect of Surface Electrical Stimulation on Scoliosis in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Fathy Elshazly



Weight-Bearing Versus Non-Weight-Bearing Exercises in Management of Osteoporosis in Geriatrics

Enas F. Youssef, Alsayed Abd Elhameed  Shanab and  Mohamed A. A. Shahine



Comparative Effectiveness of Interferential Current and Therapeutic Ultrasound in Treatment of Shoulder Pain

Adel Rashad Ahmed

The Role of Proximal muscles strength in treatment of Anterior Knee Pain

Adel Rashad Ahmed


A Comparison of Closed Versus Open Kinetic Chain Exercises in Treatment of Patients with Patellofemoral Pain

Adel Rashad Ahmed and Abdulmohsen Hassan Al-Ghamdi


Efficacy of endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy and Selective Physical Therapy Program in Single Lumbar Disc Prolaps

Maher A. El keblawy and Yossry El Hemilly


Impact of Aerobic Training Upon Physical Fitness of Firefighters in Cairo City

Hala M. Ezz. El Deen, Sherif M. Eissa and Mohamed M. Amin


Effect of Aerobic Exercise Training on Serum Leptin and Inflammatory Cytokine in Obese Diabetic Post Menopausal Women

Amel M. Yousef, Azza F. Ismail, Sherif M. Eissa and Ahmed M. El-Halwagi


Efficacy of Aerobic Training Program on Weight Reduction after Gastroplasty in Female

Wafaa Hussein Borhan, Mohamed Mahmoud Khallaf, Alaa Abbass Sabry Moustafa and Haidy Nady Ashem


Effect of Para-Incisional and Zusanli Point Electrical Stimulation on Pain Medication Requirements in Post Inguinal Herniorraphy

Wafaa Hussain Borhan, Zakaria Mowafy Emam Mowafy, Samy Khalifa Ahmed and Abdel Minem El Sayed


Efficacy of Aerobic and Deep Breathing Exercises on Pulmonary Function and Functional Capacity in Burned Male Patients

Wafaa H. Borhan, Zakaria M. Mowafy, Salah A. Ghani and Amal M. Abd El-Baky


Comparative Echocardiographic Changes between Healthy Young and Elderly Male that guide Rehabilitation Program

Samir Al Gazzar, Khaled Mogazy and Mohamad AL-Gendy


Influence of Proprioceptive Training on Knee Function in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis

Mohamed Elgendy, Fatma Amin, Hasan Baraka and Osama Khaled

Significance of Electrical Stimulation in Conjunction with Ankle Foot Orthosis on Spasticity Control in Hemiplegic Children

Gehan H. El Meniawy


Inflatable Pressure Splint Combined with Neurodevelop-mental Treatment: Effect on Spasticity and Balance in Diplegic Cerebral Palsied Children

Abeer Abo Bakr Elwishy and Heba M. Youssr M. El-Basatiny


Mobilization Techniques Versus A Selected Exercise Program in Treatment of post Traumatic Frozen Shoulder

Ibrahim Magdy Elnaggar, Hoda M. Mohammad and Mohammed Abdelmonem Khalil


Isodose Distribution Curves of Selective Electrotherapy Instruments

Maher Ahmed EI-Keblawy, Fadel Mohamed Ali, Wadida Hassan Abd El-Qader and Ahmcd Mohamed Abd El-Rahman


The Optimal Duration of Static Stretching Exercises for Improvement of Flexibility post Burn Contracture of Hamstring Muscle

Emad Tawfik Ahmed and Mohamed Mahmoud Abd El-Khalek Khalaf


Efficacy of Abdominal Muscles Contraction for Enhancing Pelvic Floor Exercises in Persistent Postnatal Stress Urinary Incontinence

El Badry,  Sabbour and Henady


Intravaginal Biofeedback in Treating Vulvar Vestibulities Syndrome

Sabbour, A. and Ismail, A.


Effect of Gastrocnemius Muscles in Management of Spondylolisthesis

Ashraf Ramadan Hafez, Youssry Mohamed Kamal EL Hawary and Hamada Eid Seef


Effect of Two Deep Breathing Techniques on Arterial Blood Gases in Smoker and Non Smoker Patients after CABG

Mervat A. Mohamed, Akram Abdel Aziz, Aziz Gurguis, Abdel Ghany M. Abdel Ghany and Mostafa H. Gad


Traction of the Spine Versus Stretching Exercises in Management of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Hamada Eid Seef, Ashraf Ramadan Hafez and Youssry Mohamed Kamal EL Hawary


Variation of Spinal Curvatures as a Predictor for the Development of Female Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Salwa M. El-Badry, Azza B. Nashed and Adel F.I. El-Bigawy


Effect of Aerobic Exercises on Blood Glucose Level and Placental Blood Flow in Type II Diabetic Pregnant Women

Hanan S. El-Mekawy and Mohamed M. Radwan


Low Frequency Current Versus Pelvic floor Exercises in Treatment of Female Stress Urinary Incontinence

Azza B. Nashed, Magda S. Mourssy and Ahmed A. Moharam


Effects of Biofeedback-Assisted Relaxation on Preeclampsia

Soheir M.A. El-Kosery, Neveen A. Abd-El Raoof and Adel Farouk


Effect of Hyberparic Oxygen Therapy on Angular Joints Displacements During Initial Contact of Gait Cycle in Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsied Children

Manal Salah El Dien Abd El Whahab


The Effect of Secondary Task Performance on Gait in Parkinson's Disease Subjects

Abdulalim Atteya, Hussein Shaker and Abdurrahman Talat

ISSN 1110-6611

Bull. Fac. Ph. Th. Cairo Univ.,

Vol. 10, No. (2) July. 2005


Nerveen Abd El Salam Abd El Kader Ahmed