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Cardiopulmonary Adaptation Response to Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise Training in Obese Subjects.

Shehab M. Abd El-Kader and Hanaa M. Gamil


Exercise Tolerance Responces to Prolonged Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program after Posterior Approach Surgical Correction of Idiopathic Adolescent Scoliosis.

Hala M. Ezz El-Din, Shehab M. Abd El Kader and Yousry A. Hawary




Ventilatory Functions Response to Respiratory Muscle Training in Welders.

Shehab M. Abd El-Kader and Samiha M. Abou Bakr



Maximum Respiratory Pressure in relation to Practice Respiratory Muscle Training Program in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients.

Mohamed A. Al Maghraby, Mohamed Amr El-Noueam and Ahmed A. Bahnassy



Role of Supervised Exercise Program on Exercise Tolerance in Patients with Stable Chronic Heart Failure.

Mohamed A. Al Maghraby, Mohamed Amr El-Noueam and Saleh M. El-Tahan

Effect of Laser Therapy Versus Aerobic Exercise Training on Small Airway Ventilation and Selected Immune System Response in Asthmatic Children.

Shehab M. Abd El-Kader, Ehab M. Abd El-kafy and Heba K. Sedrak

Effect of Exercise on Urinary Excretion of Some Indicators of Diabetic Nephropathy in Type I Diabetic Children.

Mohamed S. Mostafa, Ahmed M. El-Kahky, Mona H. El-Samahy, Safinaz A. El-Habashy,  Hala G. Mohamed and Hala M. El-Shahbour




Post-operative Femoral Nerve Lesion: Comparison between Two Approaches of Physical Therapy.

Usama M Rashad and Amal M Abd El Baky



Complete Weight Bearing Versus Partial Weight Bearing in Management of Acute Ankle Sprain.


Hamada Eid Seef and Ashraf Ramadan Hafez


Efficacy of Low Level Laser Versus Interferential in the Treatment of Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

Hala M. Hanfy, Ali A. Thabet, Amir M. Saleh and Mohamed M. Shahin 

Effect of Different Exercise Intensities on Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis in Oral Contraceptive Women.

Dalia M. Kamel, Azza F. Esmail, Amal Abdel Wahab and Manal E. Abu Farha 

Comparison between Myofascial Release and Progressive Pressure Release on Low Back Dysfunction.

Neveen A Abdel-Raoof, Mohsen M El-Sayyad, Hassan M Baraka and Mary K Nassif 

Comparison between Two Designed Exercise Programs for Balance Disability in Cerebellar Stroke Patients.

Abeer Abo Bakr ElWishy and Usama M Rashad 

Management of Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease with Ketoprofen Phonophoresis.

Salwa M. El-Badry,  Azza B.Nashed,  and Hanan S. El-Mekawy 

Effect of Balance Training on Postural Stability in Obese Postmenopausal Women.

Hanan S. El-Mekawy, Dalia M. Kamel, Magda S. Moursi and Ahmed M. El-Halwagy 

Exercise Rehabilitation in Hemodialysis Patients.

Zakaria, Y.A., Belal, D.M., Mahgoub, K.G., Salem, E.Y. and Abd Elshafy 

Laser Stimulation of Nei-guan Acupuncture Point as an Adjunct Modality to Conventional Antiemetics in Breast Cancer Patients.

Ehab K Zayed, Mervat A Mohammed and Khaled A Mostafa 

Efficacy of Biofeedback Training on Compensatory Scoliosis in Hemiparetic Cerebral Palsied Children.

Manal S. Abd- Elwhab, Nashwa Sayed Hamed and Amaal HM. Ebrahim



Effect of Exercise Training on Rate Pressure Product in Ischemic Heart Disease.

Abla M. Hamed and Mohamed Mohy El Dien



Ergonomic Based Postural Education in Neck Tension Syndrome in the School Age Computer Users.

Olfat A. Kandil, Hala A. Abdel Gawad, Shimaa N. Abo Elazm and Hussein A. Shaker



Effect of Inspiratory Muscle Training on Blood Gases in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease.

Farag A. Aly, Akram A. El-Saed and Al-Sayed A. Shanub



Abdominal Muscles Exercise Program and/or Electrical Stimulation in Postnatal Diastasis Recti.

Soheir M. El-Kosery, Akram Abd El-Aziz and Adel Farouk



Efficacy of Multiple Proprioceptive and Exteroceptive Stimuli of Foot on Correction of Gait Abnormalities of Stroke Patients.

Magdy A. Arafa, Hussein A. Shaker and Nevein M.M. Gharib



Low Intensity Laser Therapy Versus Cryotherapy in Treatment of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthrirtic children.

Fatma A. Hegazy and Manal S. Abd- Elwahab



Efficacy of Physical Therapy and Intra-articular Hyaluronans on Pain and Functional Performance of Osteoarthritic Subjects.

Magdy El-Hosseiny and Safwat Shalaby



Effectiveness of Rehabilitation Programs Following Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy in Athletes.

Magdy El-Hosseiny and Safwat Shalaby



Ventilatory Response to Aerobic Exercises in Smoking Adolescents.

Amany Raafat



Efficacy of Selected Balance Training Program on Postural Instability in Parkinson's Patients.

Hoda M. Zakaria and Sahar M. Adel



Cervical Discogenic Pain: A Suggested Physical Therapy Approach.

Hoda M. Zakaria, Sahar M. Adel and Khaled E. Ayad



Effect of Bobath Axillary Roll in Posture Adjustment of Spastic Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsied Children.

Heba M. Youssr El-Basatiny and Nanees Esaam M. Salem


ISSN 1110-6611

Bull. Fac. Ph. Th. Cairo Univ.,

Vol. 12, No. (2) July 2007


Nerveen Abd El Salam Abd El Kader Ahmed